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Brand bot

Your channel for instant communication with clients


Brand bot (#brandbot) is a chatbot for SME business, which provides the direct channel with the client. Using this channel you can actively sell goods, answer the questions, manage communication with the client, and maintain your loyalty program. It is convenient for the customer because he/she doesn’t have to install additional applications on a smartphone. Communication takes place right in the messenger of their choice.

Business problem overview

General Problem

Small businesses and often the mid-sized ones do not have a direct way of communicating with the audience, they typically email or send messages with the effectiveness of about  5% tops, using large email databases.

Apart from the low conversion, there are several restrictions on the communication channel: nice and thoughtful emails are expensive, and SMS is limited by the number of characters and the format is only text. Mass sendouts through messengers are cost-demanding and perceived as spam.

But again, all this communication is “one way” – you can’t get a feedback from the consumer and understand what he wants or does not, and how he evaluates your messages. In any case, he perceives your trying as a typical mailout, not expecting to get the answer “from that side”.

Particular problems


“What’s the location? How can I come to you? What are your working hours? Are you open today? How much does it cost? Can I book for tomorrow?”


The most common problem is when people call and ask questions that in general have a ready answer, but people didn’t find it on the website or just ignore them because it is easier for them to call or write to you in a messenger.


“I wrote you in Viber, but no one has answered!”


You want to remain up-to-date and give people the opportunity to write in Viber, Telegram, Facebook or Whatsapp: as a result, bitty communications in 3-4 messengers, in addition to the calls, emails, comments, and feedback in social media. The manager has to respond in every channel. Unfortunately, you won’t find standard bot-answering or one-stop services to answer all through one interface.


"Hi, do you have our loyalty card?"


Neither the owner nor the administrator do not know their guests personally. Even people with a loyalty card are almost anonymous, as they are only known by name, phone, email, and birth day. But it is not clear, for example, what he usually buys, at what time, on which days of the week. There is no complete history of client’s orders to build a special offer for him like “You have collected 100 000 points, and we are being so grateful that you have chosen us for 3 years and would like to offer you a free …”

What happens if the problem isn’t solved?

With a small business globally nothing will happen. Without this innovation, it will continue operating. The same can be said about small non-network companies. Mid-sized businesses will hire more people. Customers will come because there is no alternative, marketers will send futile emails, and clients will ask to stop spamming them, etc.

What happens if we break the status quo?

Business gets a channel of direct communication with the client, using which you can actively sell. For example, you bake cakes, soon Mother’s Day is coming, you write a message and calculate discounts, and create a mailing campaign for all subscribers on Facebook Messenger. You want to deliver the message about the beginning of pre-order of the cakes for the holiday. The first 50 will get 5% discount. And right after that goes the second message with the cakes’ photos, prices and the “Buy” button.

Among other things, we solve the particular problems mentioned below:


Busy managers, who physically aren’t able to answer on time, is not the option! With the help of the bot, people will get the answers quickly, without surfing the whole site.


Multichannel – #brandbot works in several channels, seamlessly integrates with CRM, all dialogues are preselected, configured via the web interface. Bot collects customer data and fetches it to CRM and enables you to communicate with customers through its favourite channel.


The manager knows his clients. People want to return to the company, because it treats each customer with the respect, remembers everybody and looks forward to communicating with them. Repeated sales are growing.



For client

  • Direct communication with the business through a convenient messenger
  • Any quality of the Internet connection
  • No need to install additional applications or use websites

For Business

  • Answers to frequently asked questions, addresses, contacts
  • Customer is constantly in touch with the brand
  • Payment acceptance via bot

For Marketing

  • One bot for all channels
  • Omnichannel communication – all communication in one-stop service
  • A “live” operator
  • Targeted mailings directly in the messenger
  • Mailings based on customer behaviour in the bot
  • Mobile loyalty card
  • Subscription to the news and brand events
  • NSP-index (net promoter score questionaire)


  • Integration with amocrm digital funnel
  • Operator panel Sender, AmoCRM or your panel
  • Webhooks API for integration with your existing software
  • Generation of a QR code to enter the bot

WHAT’s UNDER the hood

Tech Stack


Everything works on Corezoid – the business processes’ and visual programming system. It doesn’t store the data, only transports the information between systems, which can be many.


Kwizbot is a simple admin panel for filling the bot with texts and media files, connected with Corezoid by API. All the content Kwizbot transfers in JSON format, so you can connect it to any API that works with this format (that is, 95% of the protocols).

Asmes3set 22

Telegram, Messenger, Skype, Viber API and API-wrapper for WhatsApp


Rest API for communication with CRM


LiqPay for the payment


  • Cloud architecture – no problems with high load scaling, no need to keep your own hosting and server
  • Receiving payments out of the box— LiqPay
  • API for integration with ERP and CRM
  • Making changes in product functionality as a part of the prepaid support
  • Cross-platform for all popular messenger platforms
  • Multilingual


The #brandbot implements its own analytics system of the user’s behaviour in the bot. We collect statistics about the user’s actions, and based on the data, build a sales funnel for the bot.


We are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of user data and have therefore taken a number of measures:

  • We don’t store user data on our service, only transfer them to the CRM of the company
  • We use only a secure https protocol for data transfer
  • For data processing, we use an enterprise-level cloud solution by AWS, which minimizes the risk of hacking

Purchase conditions

The Marketplace is provided per ready-to-use software model, which is deployed and integrated by our team on a separate cloud account (Amazon Web Services or another cloud).
After the introduction of the product, hosting, support, refinement, and new functionality implementation are made on a monthly payment.
Payment for updates and the introduction of new functionality is carried out according to the hourly payment model.

To launch a brand-bot for your business you will need:


texts for bot answers:

– standard questions and answers
– descriptions of each bot section (contacts, about us, etc.)
– goals and tasks of the bot

You can always discuss your business needs with our manager, so feel free to contact us. We are happy to provide any relevant information you are interested in absolutely for free. Just call or fill out the form.

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