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Insurance Bot

Customer insurance in messenger

What is InsuranceBot?

Insurance bot

InsuranceBot is the unique chatbot for an insurance company.
Get your orders through bot platform and communicate with the client.
InsuranceBot is provided like white-label cloud service.

Who the InsuranceBot is designed for?

InsuranceBot is designed and developed for insurance companies, which provide such services as auto, health (life) and property insurance.


Advantages of InsuranceBot:

Continually growing active audience of messenger users. New opportunities for business.

Launching speed. You don’t need to wait when your chatbot is developed. We have already created it for you.

Cost saving on development. The Bot is ready. You don’t need to pay for the development. You will pay only for the integration with your existing systems and a subscription fee for use. It is clear, you’ll save your money.

The absence of the risks. Our specialists have tasted the bot, and you will get a fully working product with predicted conversion rates. Due to this, you’ll minimize the risk in case the project doesn’t show the desired results or requires a lot of money for debugging.

Integration with the existing systems. We are the integrators of our own product and have significant experience in this field. Ordering the integration of the bot, you can be sure – it will be one complete unit with all your internal systems.

Technical support. In case of the malfunction, we’ll take the responsibility to restore the operability.

Independence from servers. But for the cloud location of the bot, you don’t need to worry about servers’ resources.

What can you sell via the bot?

insurance bot - what can you sell
insurance bot - what can you sell

Unique Features:

  • Possibility to order an insurance policy vis chatbot
  • Communication with the client through messenger
  • Ability to automatically answer the customer’s questions at any time
  • A quick search for the nearest department/office
  • Possibility to order a callback from the call centre operator
  • Text recognition from the user documents’ photos (in future versions)
  • Rapid alerts about accidents by the transition to the service of the Europrotocol registration of Vehicle insurance
  • Instant notifications regarding accidents by Vehicle insurance API, you can quickly send photos, location, and the information about accident participants (in future versions)
  • Plugin for the site (fast transition to bot and analytics)





For marketing

  • additional sales channel
  • the client remains in touch
  • proven stable conversion
  • the steadily growing active audience of users
  • the absence of the necessity to install an app, everybody uses messengers
  • poor internet connection is not an obstacle for chatbot
  • the number of messenger users is growing every day
  • user data collection and analysis
  • user notifications about special offers, promotions and news

For business

  • Chatbots are trend technology. Be among the first to integrate new technology
  • Messenger is always with a client. It is very convenient
  • Get the continuous communication channel with a client
  • Simplification of the payment acceptance from the client


InsuranceBot has its own system for analysing user behaviour. We collect statistics about user’s activity; and based on this data, we build a sales funnel for the bot.

Снимок экрана 2018-04-26 в 18.27.08


InsuranceBot is a multilanguage bot with no limits of language usage. Current version provides Russian and Ukrainian. The language is determined automatically by the settings of the user’s messenger.



Chat platforms compliant with InsuranceBot

At the moment, the bot is implemented on the Telegram platform.  Viber and Facebook Messenger are coming soon.


Example of implementation: Bot for calculating and ordering OSAGO:

Osago Bot Telegram Pc



What do you need to start working with the bot

For Bot integration into business processes of the insurance company you will need:

  • API for obtaining a list of makes and models of vehicles
  • API for obtaining a list of registration cities
  • API for calculating the tariff
  • Availability of the accepting payment page and the signature of the e-policy by OTP password on the insurance company site with the opportunity to insert the relevant code for bot notification
  • API for transferring order details to CRM.

Payment model

The bot is provided ready-to-use software model, which is deployed and integrated by our team on a separate cloud account. The customer pays for integration with his internal systems, customization of processes and products.

After product integration, we provide hosting and support on a monthly subscription basis.

Payment for the updates and the introduction of new functionality is carried out according to the hourly payment model.


We are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of user data and have therefore taken some measures:

  • User data is not stored in our service. We only transfer them to the CRM of the insurance company
  • We use only a secure https protocol for data transferring
  • For data processing, we use an enterprise-level cloud solution from AWS, minimizing the risk of hacking

Who uses our Bot


Insurance Company VUSO
Starting: April 2018

Telegram: @vuso_bot (

Mobile traffic conversion for car insurance grows 4 times

Statistics after the first month

incurance bot - statistics

We see that the majority of users calculate the price of their insurance, and only 22% begin to formalize the policy. This is normal tendency in the service sector – many people research the prices of different companies before making their final choice.

But the only difference is that the bot can simultaneously calculate a huge number of requests, and this does not affect its costs. Let’s look at this question from the other side. You pay for the bot once before the development, or with a fixed monthly subscription cost. But do you know how many operators you will need to calculate policies with such operativity, without paying attention to the fact that only 22% will decide to issue the policy, and 8% will buy it?

The fact that 91% of policies issued through a bot – being more precise, Electronic Policies, gives an insight, that the innovative product needs an innovative sales channel. And as trust in Electronic Policies increases, there will be more and more people willing to buy them.

Finally, 35% of the refunds mean that after calculating the price, having tried to start the docs formulation, and having familiarized with the bot – people open it again to finish the process, or show the bot to friends.

This experience is only the beginning. VUSO Insurance Bot has been working only for one month. Well, and Electronic Policies are a wonder for people. When drives are sure that they don’t need to issue paper version of the policy, and they can buy an insurance sitting in the car and it will be valid, Insurance Bot won’t be a product innovation anymore but the necessity.

Insurance bot in the media

insurance bot evergreen in mmr
insurance bot evergreen in minfin
insurance bot evergreen in ain

Still have questions?


Still not sure if the Insurance Bot is suitable for you? Feel free to contact us. We are happy to provide you with any relevant information you are interested in absolutely for free. Just call us or fill out the form.

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