Optimising the process of online recognition

Face ID facial recognition system
for online customer verification
Check out Face IDentification modules
The module system allows you to build your custom verification scenario using modules like Liveness Detection, Face Comparing, Age Matching, ID documents matching, and OCR

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Check if a live person sits in front of a camera. With protection against fraud
Liveness Detection with anti-spoofing protection
Find similar-looking faces and use them for biometric authentication, known-fraud prevention, face similarity check
Private face database API
Compare photo in an ID document with client's selfie
Selfie with a document comparison
Extract data from a document and check a document type
Document classification & data extraction
Compare photo in an ID document with client's selfie
Age & Gender Detection
Custom Modules
Extract data from a document and check a document type
Easy integration with your applications
Use Face IDentification Web and Mobile APIs and SDKs to integrate your services.

Face ID best practice

  • Remote customer onboarding
    Let the system verify your customer identity automatically by recognising faces from ID document photos and reduce manual processing to a minimum.
  • Additional fraud prevention
    Mitigate the risks of unethical practices in applying for and granting loans and insurance policies: using someone else's ID or passport for identity spoofing, "grey" schemes, or the involvement of unscrupulous employees.

Face ID is a tool for remote
verification and user identification

Confirm your client's identity with our face comparison and face recognition system.
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Face ID use cases

Face ID stands out as an anti-fraud and customer verification tool

Our client, CreditMarket, is one of Ukraine's leading companies in consumer loan financing.
Avoidance of manual photo verification when issuing loans to loyal and new customers.
  • identifying several fraudsters per day;
  • reduced time of credit approval;
  • reduced share of non-performing loans and their costs.

For CreditMarket, we have implemented a service that determines the percentage of similarity in images of a person by comparing the face photo:
with the existing images in the system
with documents in the system
with the current passport photo

How it works

When applying for a loan, the user uploads photos of their documents to the system

Standard package includes

Admin panel with:
  • Setting up the rules for recognition, for example, which gesture a user should perform (cover their eye with their hand, smile, etc.)
  • Comparison rules
  • Comparison results
API with capabilities of:
  • Face comparison by photo
  • Face recognition in photos
  • Searching faces in documents
Try our demos
Identify your client by matching their new snapshot with the photo from your database.
Upload photos or provide their URLs
Compare two faces in a photo, for example, when a user is photographed with their passport.
Liveness Detection

Use video emotion recognition to confirm that there is a real person in front of the camera.
make sure your device is equipped with a webcam before testing the demo

Additionally, we will implement

Emotion, gender, age, ethnicity recognition
Facial recognition for employee attendance tracking and access to internal systems
Search for a face in the existing database (scam blacklists)
Detecting the presence of a passport in a photo

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More about the technology

In this article, we will tell you what problems face recognition and comparison systems solve, and why these technologies are a resounding success today.
Face ID face recognition system has wide application in various business areas. We will tell you not only about where Face ID is being implemented, but also what results it brings.
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