Chatbot Development for Slack

Chatbot Development for Slack

CorezoidDevelopment of a universal chatbot for all messengers: FB, Skype, Viber, Telegram, Slack, etc.
CloudUse cloud technologies to integrate chatbot with company systems
Machine learningclassification and recognition in bots
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Slack is a great corporate messenger, which is suitable for communications within the team and business correspondence. On this platform, you can create two types of bots: custom, and application bots. A custom bot will exist within the messenger, it can be added to groups and dialogs. A bot applications, can be outside the messenger.

The first type acts as communication assistants, it is focused on help precisely in the internal environment of the company. The second is a separate mobile application with a Slack interface and integration with the messenger.

Now there are useful Slack bots that talk about the capabilities of this platform. Most of them automate the work of managers and company management. For example: Relay and Birdly - monitor the activity of users, and collect information about them; Nikabot - conducts a survey of employees on the performance of tasks, and draw up a report on current affairs; Meekan is a bot organizer, when scheduling meetings and meetings it takes into account the schedules of each participant, chooses a convenient time for everyone, and creates a meeting; and many others.

How to develop a bot for Slack?

Developing a bot on the cloud-based framework Corezoid

— Bot with integration into internal systems, speech recognition, with the ability to migrate to all platforms

Kwizbot chatbot builder

— SaaS of Evergreen for creating cross-platform bots with open API

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