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Automation of business processes, development of automated business management systems, analytics, BI

We develop business management systems. Our specialization is the integration of complex heterogeneous systems with each other so that the owner and directors of the company have complete information in real time. 

We use the business process management system Corezoid, BI and analytical services and a number of other systems.

Business Process Management System Corezoid

Corezoid is built on the principles of a finite state machine and can act as a universal bus in which all applications from different internal and external systems of the company fall, are processed according to the logic specified in Corezoid and transferred to the final destination point

The business process in Corezoid might look like this:

Corezoid interface for business processes management

Automating business process management with Corezoid takes significantly less time and is much more flexible in support and maintenance, because all the logic of the processes is presented visually and you do not need to be a developer to change it.

Need a business automation?

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