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Re-design or website design overhaul

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What is the redesign of the site?

Website redesign is a complete or partial modification of the functional and visual appearance of the interface to achieve improved usability and business performance. Overall, the task of website redesign includes 3 main goals:

  • Identify and correct errors of the current version of the interface.
  • Add the functionality that the previous interface lacked.
  • Make the appearance of the new site modern, with a sound “aging” gap

Website redesign is necessary for business when:

  • The disadvantage of the product is obvious compared to the analogs and users are switching to competitors.
  • Many negative responses to the current interface have been accumulated.
  • When there is an understandable group of users that I want to attract, but obviously the interface is too complicated or incomprehensible.
  • When the functionality gradually grew on and turned into a complex mechanism which should be "rethought" and simplified.


up to 160%

you can increase the income if you make a qualitative redesign

Redesign process in Evergreen

Analysis of the current site




Author's supervision

Website redesign: comments on the process

Website’s redesign process differs from the design from scratch in that there is a lot of analytical material available based on the behavior of current users, so the first thing is to analyze how the current site works. Analysis of statistical systems, qualitative and quantitative user research is carried out, the market and competitors are analyzed. As a result, hypotheses for improving the interface are formed. These hypotheses are tested using interviews and surveys of current users of the site (polls, usability testing, A/B testing).

After the analysis is completed, the standard process of website design begins. When redesigning, it is important to keep the new version of the site recognizable, in order not to scare off regular users.

Depending on the number of permanent audience, there are two strategies for launching the site:

  • If there are a lot of regular users on the site, you need to run it step-by-step - changing the elements gradually, or unobtrusively offering to switch to a new version. This is necessary in order not to cause shock to regular users when they see an updated site.
  • If the site has a small number of regular visitors, and more often new users come in, you can simply replace the old version of the site with a new one.


What doubts and objections do we hear from clients?

  • Website redesign is a waste of money

    Redesign of the site is an investment. Changing the interface leads to improved usability of metrics that are converted into improved business indicators (for example, when the number of "abandoned" carts increases the sales volume), which leads to an increase in revenue. Before the start of the redesign, a metrics and KPI system is installed, an approximate ROI of the investment is calculated, which makes it possible to make an informed decision.

  • Easier drawn, than re-developed all over

    The new interface is developed in close cooperation with the developers. This allows to minimize situations when the design requires a huge amount of development resources or some interface solutions could be "unified" or "painlessly" simplified.

  • Why invest in design, if the business idea is not verified in reality.

    The first stage of the redesign is a clickable prototype - a low-fi mock-up of the future product. With the prototype, you can already discuss the idea with a potential audience, understand how viable the business idea is. Product development can also be iterative - this means that MVP (minimum viable product) is developed first and the idea is tested in real conditions.

Do you want to redesign the product?

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