Development of web site architecture

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Web site architecture design and development of the technical requirements

Website Design begins with a description of the site map page. Further, depending on the technical complexity of the site, there are two ways. For the technically complex sites first created the scheme site's information architecture, structure of the project entity; database entity, system objects, the basic functions of the kernel, the role of the project members. For complex interactive site after site structure we create a prototype.

The result of the design phase is to develop technical requirements on the site.

Learn more about what should be included in the requirements on the site, read the article "Checklist: what should include in a technical specification for the service, website, online store ".

We can do for your project requirements development. This is a complete product, suitable to any developer on the market.


  • How do you usually start designing a website?

    Well, our first action is to get acquainted with the website potential users. We call them Personas and try to know who these people are, what do they do, what’s the aim of visiting the website and what kind of information they are looking for. Gathered data will help us correctly map the information with prioritizing it according to the importance.

  • Do you trace and track the effectiveness of the designed websites?

    Yes. After completing the project we analyze ready-to-use website with the help of GA and YW. It allows us to understand and offer new websites updates to increase the conversion.

  • Do you consider User Stories while working on the website design?

    For the new website (product) concept development with the emphasis on the user-friendliness, we conduct the competitors’ analysis and write user stories formulating of the primary requirements of all prospective customers. It helps us a) do only what isrequired, b) consider all business tasks and the customer wants, 3) not to blow the bugget out before the website launch because of the debugging.

  • Can you desing absolutely unique webside having no analogues on the market?

    Getting the requests to develop a new concept of the website with an emphasis on user-friendliness, we have a well-developed technical process for designing and creating an user experience (an appearance of the site that helps visitors to perform targeted actions: requests, purchases, calls).

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  • I have started working with other developers but everything is going the wrong way. How could you help me in solving this problem?

    Yes. We often communicate with people who can’t launch the project they have started to work on with the other development team. We have processes that allow us to analyze the progress of the project and, if possible, to pick up the project and bring it to the final stage. That's why we have no problems with the terms of our projects and are open to help!