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Creating a marketplace for

SaaS instrument for the designer and the client + marketplace + construction and repair portal

About the Client


Dream Home Creation

Type Of Business:
Type of Business:

Marketplace for the interior designers, interaction platform for the designer and a client, sales of building and repair materials, goods for the interior.


Problem Description

If you need to find well-qualified specialists, be it interior design, construction or other business fields, you have to do it yourself personally. Of course, this is a stumbling stone in the SME development, taking into account those who work in the interior design and low-rise construction segment. The client is confined to the location of his project and is forced to look for specialists who can attend the project meeting within less than an hour ride. Let’s assume you failed to find an ideal professional who has an identical vision of the future interior just like your, what would you do next? Hire the one who does not match the requirements but is nearby? But it’s not a good option, and you know it.

The typical scenarios for the person who is looking for a well-qualified specialist:

  • ask friends for the trusted contacts, but the max you will get is 2-3 good specialists or companies;
  • search through ads (but you know that it is not the right solution);
  • google companies which mention the exact services you need. But be ready to read an excellent text without knowing the truth about the quality of the work and of course no guarantees will be provided.

None of the search options will give you the confidence to find an excellent, responsible performer, and the search is also tied to the place of your residence. But the search itself is only one side of the problem. You have to provide a result and secure the customer any risks.

There is no common web-tool or admin-panel in Ukraine where you can manage your projects, approve orders of materials, goods, confirm money spends, view and approve documentation, lead communication with the contractor etc. Public space will create an ability to influence the honesty and professionalism of the specialists. You can leave a review and look through completed projects. And in case any problem arises – always contact support service or website administration.

Customer Task

The objective is to create a web-tool which will represent contractors and customers from interior design, construction and repair spheres. On the portal, people can choose a designer, an architect and other specialists they will deal with during the whole project and will have an option to order all necessary materials.
The primary task of the business contractor is to sell construction and repair goods. And with the help of this project, they will move forward to the next level.


Evergreen Solution

The portal solves the problem in this way: we provide not just a search, but interaction with the contractor from the first letter to the act of rendered services.

Business needs of every project participant, which can be sold with the help of the portal



  • A quick search for reliable and trusted specialists online
  • Collaboration with the people who match all searching criteria without reference to object location


  • online platform for instant communication regarding the project with its customers,
  • secure project documentation repository,
  • history of the interaction with the client,
  • favorable terms of collaboration (discounts/bonuses) with the portal


  • automation of the operations earlier performed manually,
  • errors’ reduction in orders processing,
  • client database expansion,
  • access to a broader audience of specialists and clients in Ukraine and the world,
  • enlargement of product catalog,
  • orders volume increase from partner suppliers from abroad

UI Design

The principal advantages of the portal interface will be its modernity, convenience, and predictability. It will be oriented towards the demands of the people who are doing house renovation. Afterwards, they will contact a qualified service or order goods, bringing income to our client.


A prototype of the main page. Here we want to emphasize that on the portal you can track whole your journey starting from the idea creation up to completing a finished project with materials

UX Design

The design concept can be described in a couple of words: convenience, minimalism ease and simplicity.

Des 1

И вот такой вид приобрела главная страница портала:


How does it work?


Searching for specialists


Communication mode “client-contractor”


Creation of the project by the designer, adding the client


Creating a portfolio


Listing the project

WHAT’s UNDER the hood

Tech Stack


Laravel 5


AWS + Maria DB






Vue JS


  • Cloud architecture — up to 1M SKU
  • Receiving payments — LiqPay
  • API for integration with ERP and CRM
  • Adaptability for all browsers and OS
  • Import of the product catalog into the portal. Time request for the availability of the contractor to meet the client at the office/showroom/salon
  • Security is provided by https data encryption protocol

Interested in this case? Looking for such a service?

We have developed the product for the automation of the following tasks in the textile business, clothes sale, construction, etc. for more information, follow the link.

We are happy to provide any relevant information you are interested in entirely for free. Feel free to contact us or fill out the form.

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