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About Evergreen

We create IT products. Our clients are visioners who design new tools and services for business enhancing. And here they need an involved, dedicated and highly competent partner.

Evergreen products are custom cloud and web software (Marketplaces, SaaS, CPL networks, e-commerce, etc.)
    We work on:

    • UX design of SaaS services
    • Mobile applications, apps for smartwatches as a part of custom cloud software
    • Personal accounts, dealer/wholesale panels as a part of e-commerce marketplace or custom software for inventory records/accounting
    • Chat-bots for business for mass communication automation (marketing bots)
    • Chat-bots for the convenience of employees/partners and clients
    • IoT - a prototype of the idea "software+web+ standard ready-to-use hardware" with minimal customisation
    • Integration of the client's or developed by Evergreen web software with the corporate system - CRM or ERP (1C, MS Dynamics, etc.)
    • Evergreen Software installed as shrink-wrapped software or SaaS
    • Technical support

    Want to know more?

    about projects, cases, or read our blog

    Evergreen Tech Stacks:

    • Backend
      PHP Frameworks: Laravel, Phalcon, Codeigniter, Lumen, Symfony
      Python frameworks, Node.js
    • Frontend
      Vue.js, ES6, Webpack, Sass, Gulp, JQuery
    • Mobile
      Native, Hybrid, Smartwatch, IoT, Chatbots
    • PaaS
      Corezoid, AWS, Firebase

    We are hiring

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    The career growth in Evergreen
    Every team member can move forward in a chosen direction.
    Do you like JS and want to convert to HTML? You are welcome! Do you want to become a strong back-end developer or learn how to design a project architecture? No problem!

    Two-tree times per year we manage planned revisions of the development and payment terms for each member of the team. Also, if desired, everyone can initiate the talk to change the direction of the activity.

    How do we work in Evergreen?

    • Working hours
      The main working hours (meetings, negotiations, etc.) - from 10-00 to 19-00.

      You can plan your time by yourself: start working from 8-00 to 11-00 and finish from 17-00 to 20-00, and also - work remotely.

      Need to be away for 2 hours, half a day or a day? No problem! Let team and manager know beforehand about your absence and solve your problems with no worries.
    • Got sick?
      Our motto "Nurse a cold at home."

      We are doing business and need all team members to be ready to conquer the IT and sales peak. If you feel bad, go home and stay until full recovery. If the things are going better, proceed with the tasks realisation.

      Oh, and one more thing - no sick leaves!
    • Holidays/Vacations
      Vacations (holidays) are not paid in Evergreen. The alternative is a higher salary. We plan the schedule of all leaves at the end of the year for the future one.

      During the year we can adjust it. Such activity allows us to plan the projects and equally distribute working load between team members.

      The average vacation (holidays) lasts 14 days (it also depends on the project and tasks of the employee).
    Evergreen is friendly for students
    We provide an opportunity to combine studies (distance form of education) and work.

    The working hours are discussed with PM beforehand to prevent any inconvenience for the employee during the exam or workshop.
    Evergreen Team
    People are the primary value for us. Our team is friendly, fun and distinct.
    • Sergey Kravtsov, CEO
      13 years of experience in project management, production and software development in various fields from e-learning to IOT.
    • Maria Kravtsova, COO
      6 years of experience as a corporate insurance broker, 5 years of experience in IT, conducted negotiations with 350 Ukrainian corporate companies and international banks. Strong knowledge in finance, HR, law, project planning and business systematisation.
    • Dima Rodin, CTO \ TechLead
      More than 10 years in the development, 5 years in the role of CTO and 1,5 years - in Evergreen. Very positive and reasonably strict person who loves puzzles and unicorns! "He does everything possible and impossible" for the developers' professional growth, enhancing their skills, and projects - completed artistically on time.
    • Dima Gerasimov, QA
      After one year in the team, Dima managed to improve many processes for projects' testing, conduct a course on the basics of development and testing for those who want to become an IT specialist. Now Dima is supervising a Junior QA
    • Sergey Rybalko, Fullstack developer
      Sergey has been growing with us (from scratch) for 6 years. He is interested in both back and front-end, so Sergey is never bored :) Before becoming a developer he used to work as a barman. Now he plays the bass guitar in the band and mentors less experienced colleagues.
    • Mary Tokar, UI/UX designer
      Maria's tasks include analytics, empathy, user's needs and goals understanding, concepts and details creating to assemble a truly user-friendly interface.
    How Evergreen works and entertains

    How to get the desired job in Evergreen

    Send a CV
    Wait for the HR response
    Interview via phone
    Test Assignment
    (if it is required)
    Interview with TechLead and CEO
    Trial Period
    Contact for long-term cooperation
    Contact Us
    You can send a resume to the address hr@evergreens.in.ua
    Please fill free to complete the form below, and we'll get back to you!
    +38 044 502 24 57
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