A Simple System, That Recognizes and Identify Human Faces in Real Time 8 A Simple System, That Recognizes and Identify Human Faces in Real Time 9 A Simple System, That Recognizes and Identify Human Faces in Real Time 10

Identify A Person Through Digital Face Recognition

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Deep learning (DL), known as neural networks, is a specific type of machine learning (Machine Learning, ML). They give us the opportunity to create a simple system, that recognizes and identify human faces in real time.  Some countries use this technology in airports, during custom checks. Banks also use this kind of technology for security checks and police can help locate their suspects, using city cameras.

But, did you know this Facial Recognition Technology can be used in the business sectors and beyond?    

Facial Recognition Technology

It’s Called Simple Neural Facial Recognition 

How do neural networks work? The system consists of three steps. 

The system consists of three steps

1. Create a Video Storyboard by Gathering Data into the System. 

We record a half-minute video, of a close-up face, using different angles, with varied facial expressions. We then upload the video into the system, and add additional information about the person, like their first name, last name, passport info, etc. 

We make sure the person’s head is pictured in the video, turned in a variety of different positions, such as sideways and leaned in. The individual will express several different emotions, the more head positions and emotions included, the more exact and accurate the facial recognition will be.  

2.  The System Processes the Information. 

Based on the video storyboard, the system makes a model, from the records, with all the unique facial features, like nose, eyebrows, chin, and mouth.  All these marks, gathered from a collection of data, will portray a certain identity. 

3.  Facial Recognition. 

The program records face marks and features, and then compares them with the already existing ones in the camera. If they match up, the system will recognize the person. It usually takes a couple of seconds. 

Finally, We Have a Simple System That Will Help You Adopt Face Recognition for Your Business.

face recognition tehnology

This system is plain and easy to manage. The processing of a new face takes less than a minute. With some extra video material, we can teach the system to recognize a larger and larger amount of people. You can use this technology in different aspects of your businesses, from restaurants and hotels to big commercial complexes.  Check your federal and local laws about privacy, and rules for consent. 

 Contact us to learn how to incorporate this system into your business!

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