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AI business digitalization

Visionaries who create new products and services need an involved and competent technology partner. This is Evergreen.

Our Mission

Create a WOW Result for Business

Evergreen is a company specializing in the development of IT projects and products from scratch, launching these projects in the customer’s business and further development.




Save time on development and use our expertise: we will implement ready-tested software or build your project using it.

API Services

API services by subscription or one-time licenses

Pass Recognition System
Pass Recognition System
Vehicle Registration Certificate <br> Recognition
Vehicle Registration Certificate

Boxed Software

License and improvements for the customer’s business

Wholesale Customer's Order System
Wholesale Customer's Order System
Brand Bot
Brand Bot

Ready-Made Solutions

We have turnkey solutions for the business

Do you want to make a quick decision? We have developed service packages and ready-made solutions that work for different types of businesses. We also customize them to meet your specific needs.

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Please tell us about your task.

We will certainly offer some interesting solutions and do it absolutely for free!

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Clutch Recognizes Evergreen Amongst Ukraine’s Top 25 IT Developers for 2020

Our team has some exciting news to announce: Evergreen has just been named one of the best IT companies in Ukraine. Read more in our press release.

Ulyana Paliychuk for

2 min reading

Clutch Recognizes Evergreen Amongst Ukraine’s Top 25 IT Developers for 2020

Facial Recognition Services Review

Interested in face recognition systems? We have prepared an overview of the most popular recognition services: Azure Face API, Google Cloud Vision API, Amazon Rekognition Image, and Face ID. You can read more about the...

Ulyana Paliychuk for Pattern Recognition

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Facial Recognition Services Review

AI Video Enhancement Software to Improve Video Quality

In simple terms, video enhancement is the process of improving the quality of a video recording. Unlike the traditional (non-AI-based) video enhancement tools that are more complex and sometimes require professional...

Ulyana Paliychuk for Machine Learning

5 min reading

AI Video Enhancement Software to Improve Video Quality
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