IT Solutions for Startups

For startups, Evergreen is not merely a technical contractor, but a partner who will find a solution for the most non-trivial and "daring" technical task, as well as complete the project within the agreed budget and time, support and develop the project after launch IT Solutions for Startups 7

We can find a solution to even the most nontrivial idea. We prefer to be the first on the market, not follow in someone else's footsteps!

The Value of the Idea and Prioritizing Results in the Development

The development of startups requires rapid growth: market conditions and customer interest are constantly changing. In today's fiercely competitive environment, only well-thought-out, detailed projects can survive, implemented by a team ready to change and adapt to the new reality. An idea, even the most interesting and "breakthrough" one, will remain a dream if you hesitate, or someone else will implement it. 

Evergreen will help you launch the product "into the world" as soon as possible to track the market reaction in time and develop the project in the right direction, based on the behavior of real customers. We don't act blindly: we test interfaces on different user groups, evaluate competitors, the market, the environment, and user preferences.

You can learn more about the business solutions for startups on our services page, and the most popular services for startups are described below in more detail.

Evergreen Is Not an Outsourced Developer

Bold and smart ideas require good judgment, and we guarantee a business approach to the project: ROI calculation before the start, advice on the best technical solution for your individual requirements, and in the interests of the customer (the view of the technical entrepreneur, not a mere contractor). 

For project work, we involve a creative technical team, who will accompany you at every development stage starting from the choice of a cost-effective architecture, assistance in passing the project's pivots, and selection of the best parameters for the product's market entry. The generation of ideas, ability to quickly make changes, and rework are our strong competence and valuable asset acquired through many years of experience. At the same time, we carry out all projects strictly within the budget limits and on schedule as stipulated in the contract.

Evergreen is a team with whom you work in close contact and communication.

We speak the language of the project and work closely with the startup founders: in essence, we combine our experience and your competencies into a united team to achieve the project goals.

IT Support for Startups, Guarantees, and Post-Launch Service

Evergreen can perform an ever-expanding range of tasks as the product develops and grows. We support and develop your project at every post-launch stage under a warranty or lifetime guarantee, which is subject to the signing of a support agreement.

We can assist you in the following product marketing activities: content marketing, SEO strategy development, and more. We will help you to develop recommendations for product promotion, set up all the necessary analytics (funnels, panels).

We also help projects that we believe in and are already working with, to prepare applications and during project submission for grants and accelerators, as well as maintain records on received grants. We do this systematically and would be happy to share our knowledge and experience with you.

Startup Solutions Cases by Evergreen

Our team's experience, level of competence, and values underpinning Evergreen's approach to development are proven by the number of successfully implemented projects in various business areas, including startups, SMBs, enterprises, and government agencies.

We help startups to resolve technical challenges of varying levels of complexity, building from scratch, and helping them grow into full-fledged businesses. Many of them become Evergreen's regular customers who entrust us with supporting their existing projects or developing new ones. Do you want to learn more? Here are some examples of our IT solutions for startups.


IT Services for Startups

AI solutions. Solutions based on artificial intelligence and neural networks are available not only to millionaire companies! It is not a luxury, but an investment in a tool that brings real benefits. The simplest NN services are free of charge, there are inexpensive boxed solutions, and we, for our part, always help to assess the feasibility of such investments and will not offer you a knowingly unprofitable project.

UI/UX design. UX design is the creation of architecture and website logic, ranging from large structural blocks to the finest interactions between them. We will create a visual design of your website (UI), which can convey the value of the product to the user from the very first seconds and evoke emotions behind the screen. Balancing quality UX/UI with your requirements is something that helps you stand out from the competition.

IoT development. Using 'smart devices' connected to the Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem is not only about interesting gadgets designed to simplify our lives, but also creates a competitive advantage for a business. The IoT systems can minimize routine operations, allowing people to perform more creative tasks. IoT-compatible mobile app development solutions for startups and web services for managing IoT devices belong to our area of expertise as well.

Highload systems development. The rate of business growth directly depends on the ability of commercial projects to handle the load: with the proper architecture, even with many simultaneous visits, your service will continue to operate steadily, and users will be satisfied with a quick response. With highload solutions, you will be able to handle even more requests/transactions without having to worry that UX may fail during peak traffic.

MVP. MVP prototyping and testing, MVP application development, optimal product/market fit selection, passing all pivots in product life (testing a product hypothesis, business model or growth mechanism), real-user testing to assess market response. Support for further growth: we can provide scalability of the project development team and help you to create a product that will captivate the world.

Startups development from scratch. Full range of services for designing, creating, and implementing a turnkey startup. We have methods to "pick up" a project started by other developers and bring the product to the launch. For startups, we offer solutions that you can quickly adapt to a changing market and challenges thanks to the latest technology and an experienced team.

SaaS-services development. We have the technical know-how and proven processes to create these services: we know the systems we work with and can offer a balance between off-the-shelf components and custom development to create your unique SaaS-product. Back-end/ front-end development, scalable architecture, integration with internal systems and CRM software for startups, testing, support, and maintenance after launch — we know how to implement technical challenges of any complexity.

Web portals development. We design internet portals of any complexity, following the principle of maximum quality for reasonable money. The core of Evergreen projects is a deep competition analysis in the specific niche, search for the best ideas and selection of solutions that are not like anything else. When designing the portal architecture, we take into account the opportunities for its further expansion, and development is always a joint process with the client, where all parties are equally interested in reaching the project goals successfully.

Your partner and team for startups solutions development — Evergreen

Do you want to see more of our business cases, or discuss your innovative ideas with us? Don't be afraid to bring your dreams to life. Feel free to contact us on any professional matter, and we will advise you absolutely for free, just call us or fill in the form.