Web Portals Development

We can design and fully develop b2b and b2c portals: real estate portals, financial portals, city portals, service portals, internal corporate portals, etc. Web Portal Development Services by Evergreen 7

Development of portals requires highly skilled developers and strict adherence to technical processes. Evergreen pay special attention to the design process, which keeps you from unnecessary risks. Creating a portal in Evergreen allows you to pass on to us all analytics and development techniques, and focus on business goals.

For each project, we sign a separate phase of prototype development and R&D

We have wide technological stack and we are able to offer a balance between custome code and the use of ready-made services

Portals after launch require permanent technical support and development, we have reliable portal support process

Some of the projects that we developed

How to create portals

— required stages of development


what is in the market and how to do better, identify technical and UI issues, a list of ideas to improve


prototype + Technical Specification on development + SEO-planning


research and preliminary design


design concept and design of all the pages


planning of database and connections, workwith data, integrations

front-end development

Output data to the site front, stretch design on the platform


We realize integration with internal systems and CRM


and compulsory coverage by automatic tests


further increasing functionality

Internet portal development: comments on the process

Creation of portals requires preliminary SEO-design: even before development, urls for categories, filters, search for other elements of the portal structure are defined, this reduce the budget for internal SEO-optimization of the portal after launch.

The development of portals usually puts demands on the quality of production, because thousands of people visit the portals. For  the development of portal sites  we use PHP frameworks Laravel, Phalcon, Lumen, Symphony, Front-end development: HTML, CSS, Angular, Rect, jQuery,  AWS (EC2, S3, RDS, Aurora, Cognito and Others) for heavily loaded portals. See our Full Technical Stack .

When we plan to create a web portal we are laying out the ability to expand the portal several times. You can always complicate the portal with new functions.

We always complete the creation of the Internet portal in time according to the schedule in the contract. This is one of the values ​​of Evergreen.

Since the portal is usually a strategic business project and a lot of the company's resources are invested in creating a portal, the price always matters. We do as a separate stage UX prototype of portal which allows you to clearly understand how the portal will look like before the development. Thanks to the prototype, the development of portal sites is becoming much more predictable.

In general, Evergreen works on the formula of maximum quality for reasonable money. Evergreen protects you from unnecessary risks, in our person you will find a reliable technical and business partner.

Create an Internet portal and make it successful, you can only carefully   studied your niche and realizing your competitors. We analyze worldwide, collecting the best ideas to make your portal competitive and stand out against the general background. Our approach assumes that the development of the web portal is a common process with the client, where all parties are equally interested in the success of the project.

Our portal site development  projects are aimed at a high level of design and usability (UX). We have awards in the Behance UI/UX gallery and on other resources.

Portal development: price and terms

Tell us what project you would like to develop and we will tell you the cost of creating a portal. Feel free - we will be happy to advise on any professional issue and will do it absolutely for free, just give us a call or fill out the form.