Development of a restaurant business management system for Luxcarte 7 Development of a restaurant business management system for Luxcarte 8 Development of a restaurant business management system for Luxcarte 9

Development of a restaurant business management system for Luxcarte

About the Client


Name: Luxcarte
Type of business: a restaurant chain
Location: UAE (Dubai), Ukraine

Luxcarte has been on the arena of the restaurant business for 19 years. The company‘s been focusing on the experience of international business practices. They are striving for taking leadership in restaurant business systematization and management. So Luxcarte decided to design and develop the system which will optimize, handle routine tasks and automize business processes.

Project Objectives

The main aim of the project is to simplify all business-processes of restaurant operating activities and combine them in the integrated management system. Other targets are to avoid manual control of task fulfilment, automate and speed up internal restaurant performance.

The newly developed system has to cover all business processes which can be divided into:

Business Processes

Evergreen Solution

We develop the solution for business process automation. It comprises two main blocks: integration and automation. The system will be beneficial for both workers and restaurant visitors.

IT Restaurant System

Personnel in their everyday activity are free to use Business-process guide. It serves as a training and reference source. If an employee wants to know his responsibilities, then Business-process guide comes in hand. Furthermore, all possible controversial situations and drafts of the documents are represented in this guidelines. Together with the client, we’d systemised processes and made them more “user-friendly.”


What’s Under the Hood?

The system consists of a web-pannel for the administrator, a mobile application for waiters and administrators, smart watches for personnel, a chat-bot for clients and visitors. The system is deeply integrated with a restaurant’s client ERP through the open API.

Technical Solution

Perspectives for the System Development and Future Opportunities

Together with the client, we are designing this smart system as a service which will be integrated not only into Luxcarte chain but other restaurants in Ukraine and all over the world. The critical issue of this project is not only to digitize both initially offline restaurant business, user experience but build a company’s values basing on this new software product.

Restaurant Business

The project is in the development stage, so we can’t tell you more for this moment. But if you are interested in in-house and outside processes and marketing automation using standard ERP such as Liko, R_keeper, etc., please contact us.


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