Business Solutions Based on Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence Solutions allow you to implement and realize the most impossible ideas, solve difficult tasks, automate business processes, create additional competitive advantages

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Where do we use Artificial Intelligence today?

Banks and Financial Industry


Stock Exchanges


Market research and marketing

Human Resource Management and Recruiting

News and Writing

Customer suppor









Artificial intelligence, AI – is the scientific knowledge and technology of producing intelligent machines, programs, services, applications, and others. AI allows machinery to perform functions that are considered as a prerogative of a human.

Artificial intelligence is designed to optimize the company's activities, open previously unreachable horizons, reduce costs, create a competitive advantage and allow people to engage in innovative activities, rather than in a daily routine.

The concept of Artificial intelligence is greatly wide and covers so far many areas, methodologies, tools, algorithms, and systems. Among them, we specialize in developing:

Data science, Machine learning, Deep learning, Neural network, Object detection, Computer vision, Face recognition.

You can get acquainted with the theory and understand how artificial intelligence and machine learning work in our review.

Machine learning

ML allows the system to conclude and find relationships within slightly defined rules. It is used in recognition of speech, gestures, images, diagnosis, prediction, classification, etc.

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Machine learning

Neural networks

Neural networks

An artificial neural network is one of the machine learning methods. The neural network can learn from experience and constantly improves itself. Neurons allow you to recognize images, speech, video, as well as create something new, for instance, writе poetry or draw pictures.

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RPA and Document Flow Bots

Robotic process automation (RPA) is the next level of business process automation - robotization. The so-called "software robots" perform routine tasks, optimizing staff performance. Moreover, chatbots can fulfill the role of an assistant or business executive. It organizes working hours, prepares documents, keeps records of staff time tracking, and much more.

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Chatbots and speech recognition

The main aim of chatbots is to provide the best service to customers and relieve employees from routine operations. More specifically, chatbots can be used as support service, a call center, sales assistants, waiters' assistants, personal administrators, translators, and others. Furthermore, speech understanding enables chatbots to "live" outside of instant messengers. They are integrated into smart things, being able to communicate through an earpiece and accessible to the user anywhere, anytime.

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Data science

Analysis of a large amount of data, search for cause-and-effect relationships, regularities, and conclusions. It will help automate routine processes and find a solution to problems that can not be solved by a person.

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Data science

  • Algorithm Development
  • Expert Systems
  • Big data tasks
  • Data mining
  • Statistical analysis
  • Cluster analysis
  • Evolutionary and Genetic Algorithms
  • Artificial Neural Networks
  • Computer vision
  • Pattern recognition
  • Face recognition
  • Recognition of documents
  • Augmented Reality
  • Chatbots Development
  • Natural Speech Analysis Systems
  • Verification Systems
  • Automation and Robotization of Business Processes
  • Voice Control
  • Automation of Control Mechanisms
  • Evaluation of Advertising Effectiveness
  • Satellite Imagery Analysis
  • Video Analysis

Myths and reality about Artificial Intelligence



Myth 1:

AI is something unreal, obscure, or completely trickery


Artificial intelligence is built on data, mathematical models and algorithms. The fact that the nuances of its creation are not clear to everyone doesn't mean that it's something impossible or untruthful.

Myth 2:

AI robots will conquer the world


AI is invented by humankind to solve certain tasks and it doesn't work without control and won't do in the near future.

Myth 3:

AI is only available to big companies and large enterprises


AI technologies are available to all companies. This is an investment and shouldn’t be considered as a luxury, but as a tool that brings benefits. The simplest AI tools are free and you can start using them right now.

Myth 4:

Machine learning and artificial intelligence are the same


Machine learning is just one type of artificial intelligence.

Myth 5:

To order the artificial intelligence development you need to understand the theory itself and separately think of the decision making logic


You come to us with an idea or a problem, even the most impossible in your opinion. We think whether it is possibly to implement, or what are the options for solving your problem.

Myth 6:

The developer will offer you a useless AI solution for a big deal of money


1. Not all AI solutions are extremely expensive.You can find ready products available by subscription right now.

2. We cannot speak for everyone. However, we always help the client evaluate the effectiveness of investments and do not suggest projects that are clearly unprofitable for the client.

Out-of-the-box solutions and products of Evergreen using AI

International Passport Scanner

International Passport Scanner

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Vehicle registration card Scanner

Vehicle registration card Scanner

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Face recognition

Face recognition system

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Articles on the topic

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Read all articles in the Evergreen blog

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