How to Research your Target Audience?

There are several ways to collect data, like surveys, through paid or in-house consultants, doing research on social media and search engines.

But what if it was possible to gather data, easily and  more accurately, while at the same time, minimize human interactions?

Collecting Statistics and Analytics using the Pattern Recognition System

Recognition systems work by using artificial intelligence, like a neural network.

Your target audience is right in front of you - They’re in stores, they look at billboards, banners and signs.

Systems can collect important data about the buyers of any product, through cameras. This includes information about who walks up to a display, shelf or isle, which products customers select, what products they pick up and put down, and who eventually buys.

Image Recognition System and Face Recognition Software from a Webcam in Marketing 8

Object recognition can determine the sex, approximate age, race, hair color, approximate weight, and a person’s height. By doing so, the system can predict a potential client base. It can even identify a customer’s moods and emotions, by analyzing their face,  It can also recognize certain products or offers.

To learn more about the recognition of individuals, click on the article link.

Store Space Analysis with Object Recognition

The recognition system can not only conduct a study of the target audience but also conduct an analysis of the store.

Imagine a system that can divide a store into a “hot point” map.

Where do customers usually go and what do they look at? This helps the manager to identify the best places to showcase products.


Evaluating the Effectiveness of Offline Advertising Using a Face Recognition System

Another area where object recognition can be used is on banners, billboards, and other kinds of physical advertisements. With the help of object recognition, we can keep track of how many people looked at a board, what their demographics are and how long they looked at it. We can also learn what kind of reaction the advertisement triggered, whether it was positive or negative. Were people smiling or did they get upset?

Not too long ago using neural network was just science fiction, but now ​marketing automation systems​ have been working successfully in many leading businesses. These kinds of systems are capable of processing large amounts of information, which produce better and clearer analytics. Finally, ​marketing automation systems​ with correct and quality gathered information is an advantage for business owners.

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The images used in this article are taken from open sources and are used as illustrations.