Artificial Neural Networks for Business

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Recognition of text, speech, and music; recognition of images and further processing; identification of objects on pictures and videos; identification of certain images and faces, or even texts, images and videos creation - all these processes and even more, are achievable nowadays thanks to neural networks.

Neural networks application in business

Recognition system is the most popular application of neural network in the business, but there are other areas of their usage:


Time series forecast using neural networks can predict what the stock price will be tomorrow based on statistical information


An artificial neural network helps to reduce and simplify the operation of psychodiagnostic techniques development

Chemistry and biology

Chemoinformatics using a neural network can predict the physicochemical properties and biological activity of chemical compounds, which helps to create medicines


Neural networks manage movable objects, from electric heaters and welding equipment to drones and airplanes


The neural network solves the problems of economic-statistical modeling, bringing the studied models closer to economic reality

Neural network, NN or Artificial neural networks (ANN) – are one of the types of machine learning. ANN is a system of connected simple processors (artificial neurons) which constantly interact with each other.

Convolutional neural networks, CNN

Used to classify and recognize objects, faces on photos, and speech. And it can also determine a specific model of technology, etc.

Generative neural networks, GAN

Used to create (generate) texts, pictures, music or video. Moreover, it's applied for automatic photo editing (changes in appearance, facial expressions, age, lighting, etc.)

Image generation using neural networks

A neural network can generate non-existing images by a number of criteria. For example, products for the online store, or characters for the game.

Texts Creating / Writing with Neural Networks

The neural network can produce meaningful and useful texts, also generate unique content on a given topic.

Neural network for facial recognition

One of the purposes of machine learning is face recognition. It is built on the training of a neural network and is used to search for a person, identify an individual, and even determine a person’s mood or reaction of a person by his facial expressions.

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Neural networks and image recognition

One of the applications of machine learning is the objects or images recognition from a photo or video. Used for visual search, control of drones in medicine, marketing, etc.

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Myths and reality about Neural Networks



Myth 1:

NN and AI is something unreal, obscure, or completely trickery


Neural Networks and Artificial intelligence is built on data, mathematical models and algorithms. The fact that the nuances of their creation are not clear to everyone doesn't mean that it's something impossible or untruthful.

Myth 2:

NN is only available to big companies and large enterprises


NN technologies are available to all companies. This is an investment and shouldn’t be considered as a luxury, but as a tool that brings benefits. The simplest NN tools are free and you can start using them right now.

Myth 3:

To order the Neural Networks development you need to understand the theory itself and separately think of the decision making logic


You come to us with an idea or a problem, even the most impossible in your opinion. We think whether it is possibly to implement, or what are the options for solving your problem.

Myth 4:

The developer will offer you a useless NN solution for a big deal of money


1. Not all NN solutions are extremely expensive.You can find ready products available by subscription right now.

2. We cannot speak for everyone. However, we always help the client evaluate the effectiveness of investments and do not suggest projects that are clearly unprofitable for the client.

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