How can artificial intelligence technology be used in restaurants, to enhance the speed and quality of service?

4 Ways You’ll See Artificial Intelligence in the Food Industry:

How can artificial intelligence technology be used in restaurants, to enhance the speed and quality of service

  • Chatbots - Can be used to receive orders, provide feedback, and respond to questions.

  • Kiosks -Allow clients to order food quickly, without human interaction.

  • Robots -Are used to cook, interact with guest and serve meals.

  • Recognition Systems - Used to track interaction history and predict client preferences.

How They Work:

Most people are already familiar with chatbots, so we’ll first jump into how kiosks work.

Maybe you’ve started seeing these in pizza and fast food chains. They look like a large touchpad screen, with interactive menus. With these touchpads, clients can order and pay for their orders.  Sophisticated kiosks can learn how to analyze and recognize the customers themselves, and create a list of personalized recommendations for them.  The kiosk system can analyze customers’ appearances, their moods, ages, and track their previous purchases. It could also generate a list of personalized taste preferences and save the customer’s favorite orders to a profile.Order AI solutions

Next, we see robots in the restaurant industry; and this is new. Their capabilities are infinite. Here are some examples of actual robots in restaurants.  


The most popular among them is “Spyce,” from a restaurant in Boston. This robot receives orders through a kiosk; a big robotized system is responsible for cooking the meals. The humans’ jobs are narrowed down to simple tasks such as loading the ingredients into the robot and serving the meals.

AI Technology Used in Restaurants to Enhance the Speed and Quality of Service 8


The world’s first autonomous kitchen assistant, “Flippy.” This robot serves as a grill cook and integrates with the interior systems of the restaurant. It can be taught through the cloud and gain new skills from its surroundings.



The friendly humanoid robot, “Pepper.” This machine canrecognize human emotions andadapt to them. Pepper changes not only the personality of phrases but also eyes color, monitor, temp, vocal tone. Pepper does a great job of fulfilling the role of a consultant at the store as well as a good hostess or waiter. The main advantage lies in the ability to warm people up; it’s hard to say no to Pepper.


These examples are only the tip of the iceberg. The world of AI technology continues to develop and soon enough even your boldest ideas may come true. How do we know?  We take part in it.

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