SAP - Prototype for the site of the Specialized Anti-corruption Prosecutor's Office of Ukraine

The main task of the prototype was to create a timeline for all SAP investigations and provide complete information for users on the movement of each of them. The timeline allows you to view all information on investigations and their statuses, download documents, find out the reasons for the delay, insert a timeline or a fragment of it into an article or another site, view the persons involved, learn the courts to which the investigation is referred and why delays occur and much more. The function of subscribing to changes in investigations or cases has been designed so that users can be aware of everything that happens with cases and investigations of SAP.
The main page contains general statistics on all SAP investigations in order to show users a general picture of the work of the Specialized Anti-corruption Prosecutor's Office. The map of the courts of Ukraine allows you to review for each area or specific court the number of planned and postponed meetings on SAP investigations. Also on the site there are news, pages about SAP, its management and about work in SAP.

The project was funded by the International Development Law Organization in Ukraine (IDLO)

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