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Evergreen for corporate clients is a technology partner with an impeccable reputation, ready to take responsibility for actual results.

Reliability and Integrity of Enterprise-Level Solutions

The Evergreen team is ready to act as a Leader in matters of any kind related to project development and implementation, without outsourcing to other contractors. In doing so, we understand the processes of large corporations and can align technical solutions with your internal departments and processes.

When developing solutions for your business, we rely on choosing the most efficient architecture, followed by documenting and preparation of the architecture documentation package. The choice of the preferred technology excludes any close ties to a specific person or company. We prefer to play it safe: the design and choice of technologies by Evergreen is an organized and balanced process, which is accompanied by risk management, consideration of organizational, technical, and reputational risks.

Evergreen's approach to complex corporate projects is such that the higher the development requirements of the business, the more thoughtful, detailed, and harmonized all related documentation will be. Documenting the development at every stage ensures that the future product will meet your needs and perform the required functions.

Evergreen is fulfilling its project commitments based on a contractual system that has been negotiated with many large national and international corporations. We also have our own legal and financial departments ready to find a suitable approach to resolving any issue during contract negotiation or execution.

It is crucial for us to comply with the safety requirements. The ability and preparedness to pass security audits are some of our strong competencies.

Accompanying Project Support and Integrations

Evergreen is competent to support large and dynamic projects that require quality work and expertise and will provide a team that meets this level.  

Briefly about the project support and development opportunities with Evergreen:

  • We support and develop your project at every stage after launch under a warranty or lifetime guarantee, provided you sign a support agreement.
  • We can provide immediate execution of urgent tasks, prompt task execution during the next business day, and extended weekend support.
  • We are interested in ensuring that the integration of our developed systems and solutions is as seamless and smooth as possible: we provide not only implementation but also training and support for internal employees, helping you minimize organizational resistance to new technologies.

Examples of Enterprise-Level Solutions by Evergreen

Our team's experience, level of competence, and values underpinning Evergreen's approach to development are proven by the number of successfully implemented projects in various business areas, including startups, SMBs, enterprises, and government agencies.

For corporate clients and niche leaders, we create projects aimed at achieving specific business objectives and long-term results. We have experience in the development and implementation of highload systems, marketplaces, eCommerce projects of any level of complexity, as well as projects in the financial, banking and insurance sectors, cooperation with government agencies in projects funded by international donor organizations and many other. Do you want to learn more? Here are some examples of our business cases.


Boxed Software

We offer you ready-made, proven, and reliable solutions for distance learning, and products for insurance, financial companies, wholesale customers, high-precision document recognition systems, and more. API-based integrations with chatbots and corporate business systems that can be further customized. You save time on development and get a fully functional product that opens new growth opportunities for your business, and we guarantee your privacy and data protection, quality service, and support.


SourceLMS Insurance Bot Personal account of a wholesale client

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IT Solutions Recommendations for Enterprise Customers

A full range of services for business process automation using Artificial Intelligence technology, chatbot development, CRM and SaaS products, design and engineering of complex business systems, support, and documentation.

AI Technology and Digital Business Transformation

We create business solutions based on artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning, artificial neural networks. RPA, BPA-automation, integration with internal and external systems of your company.

AI solutions. Artificial intelligence allows you to optimize the company's activities, solve difficult tasks, reduce costs, create competitive advantages, and free employees from their routine tasks. Algorithms of machine learning and neural networks allow you to create facial recognition systems, image, and document processing systems, as well as expert systems for analysis, decision support, and business process automation that can be used in various business areas.

Chatbot development Chatbots are a trending solution for businesses operating in the field of sales and servicing, where there are large volumes of communications with clients. Our chatbots integrate with the most popular messengers. They are indispensable for processing large numbers of non-voice messages. A functional chatbot created by Evergreen helps you automate the routine tasks for managers and take communication with customers to a whole new level. 

Business process automation. Evergreen specializes in developing automated business management systems using the Corezoid process engine, BI, analytical tools, and several other systems. The goal is to integrate and combine complex heterogeneous systems so that business owners and senior executives can receive complete information in real-time.

RPA. Business process automation using machine learning (ML) and robotization (RPA) methods, data mining, and chatbots. RPA solutions integrate with the company's existing technologies, updating and improving them, and can be used for workflow automation, minimizing the manual input of information, and eliminating human error.

CRM. We have been engaged in CRM-development since 2012 and have a successful experience in developing CRM-systems for large projects with hundreds of thousands of clients and more than 500 daily transactions. We help you to facilitate and streamline the work of the sales department, to automate marketing operations and increase sales volumes without the need to expand the staff. CRM integration is carried out with all teams' involvement (marketers, developers, system administrators) to make the transition to the new system as easy as possible for your employees.

Design and Support

Up-to-date visual solutions, quality architecture, and usability. We create corporate websites of any level of complexity, perform audits, and technical support. The Evergreen team will do their best to ensure that your website is of high value to users and remains at the top of modern trends in design and business.

UI/UX design. We take into consideration many factors when designing UI: your target audience's expectations and preferences, current trends in design and proven patterns, customer expectations, key features of your product and company. An intelligent and high-quality UX/UI design directly affects the profit that a website brings, and its popularity among users. The formula of a successful project lies in the well-researched needs of your market and business, combined with interesting design solutions.

UI/UX audit. The usability audit is a set of measures aimed at identifying and solving problems on the website, which results in increased conversion, reduced customer acquisition cost, higher check average, and increased number of returning visitors. We thoroughly study the needs of your audience, user journeys, and their progress through the sales funnel using analytical tools. We apply direct user testing and large-sample analysis to your data.

Website redesign. A website redesign is essential for continuous and uninterrupted usability improvement, which directly affects the key business indicators. Tasks and business processes of the customer are discussed in a face-to-face meeting. The redesign process begins with an analysis of feedback and technical support experience to identify user complaints, and all hypotheses of improvement are tested on a large sample of respondents. Only then we proceed with visual style selection and concept creation.

Corporate website development. We create reliable and efficient corporate websites for market leaders. A key to the success of corporate projects is a deep understanding of the business for which they are created. At Evergreen, we usually work with the first persons — owners and directors of companies. As a result, you obtain a reliable website integrated with your accounting, workflow, CRM, and team productivity improvement systems, as well as a development partner for further support and website maintenance after launch.


Highload systems design, solutions for niche leaders tailored to individual business processes and tasks, as well as effective eCommerce solutions.

B2B development. Developing B2B solutions involves interacting with a more demanding user than a traditional retail customer. Our experience allows us to quickly understand your project details and offer solutions based on industry best practices. Evergreen specializes in developing B2B solutions in various business areas, which is confirmed by successful business cases in wholesale, insurance, and financial sectors, restaurant business, and many others.

Highload systems development. The rate of business growth directly depends on the ability of commercial projects to handle the load: with the proper architecture, even with many simultaneous visits, your service will continue to operate steadily, and users will be satisfied with a quick response. With highload solutions, we can create large eCommerce projects, social networks, payment resolvers, various real-time API services, big data processors, and more.

Tech support. Our many years of experience and qualification allow us to provide technical support for web projects of various complexity, including corporate websites, SaaS products, and CRM systems. Professional website support: a project manager, as well as a team responsible for your website's successful performance, will be assigned to your project. Website administration aimed at achieving business goals (attracting the target audience of the right quality, sales, and conversion growth) and ensuring continuous growth.

Ecommerce solutions for enterprises. We create online stores for a demanding business: design, prototyping, development, and a full range of technical support services for your website. We create custom eCommerce solutions for clients whose processes and requirements go beyond the standard model of an online store. Online store integration with internal and external systems of the company for maximum automation of business processes.


Creation of technical solutions, selection of components and services, preparation of technical documentation for software design, and other business solutions. Compliance with documentation standards is the cornerstone of successful development, ensuring that the final product will meet your expectations.

Software architecture design. In the context of SaaS development and building complex systems from scratch, corporate systems integration, or when creating new products, the design is aimed at reducing uncertainty. Each document within the project is a description of the final product from different perspectives (business, users, technical aspects, etc.). We elaborate on the details and implementation specifics thoroughly to make the whole process as clear as possible for you, giving you a full picture of what and how will be done and what you will obtain as a result.

IT infrastructure audit. The purpose of this audit is to understand the current state of the company. The audit of the company's IT infrastructure includes a technical audit and business process audit. Following the audit, you will receive a detailed solution that takes into account all necessary changes and recommendations for improving the IT infrastructure and business processes of the company (can be implemented by us or transferred to a third party).

SRS development. We have experience in developing specifications (SRS) for commercial and non-commercial organizations and international donors. The documents we create are based on in-depth market analysis, UX research, understanding of the product business model, and the profitability of its development. Thorough consideration of functional, system, and user requirements to the product allows us to create accurate and highly detailed specifications for algorithms and data structures.

Your team for enterprise-level solutions development — Evergreen

Do you want to see more of our business cases, have any questions, or want to discuss the details of your project or your business processes with us? Feel free to contact us — we will be happy to advise you on any professional matter, just give us a call or fill out the form.