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There are minimum three reasons to order a website redesign by the Evergreen team. When the quality of your product is worse than competitors’, your current users are unhappy with the interface, or you want to attract a new group of users. UX Website Redesign in Kyiv 7

Website redesign affects changes in the functionality and appearance of the interface. It is necessary for the continuous improvement of usability, which directly impacts business performance. The main tasks of the redesign can also be distinguished as correcting existing interface errors, adding functionality for further project development, and improving the appearance of the site.

Website redesign examples

A UI redesign is usually the first thing users notice when visiting your website. However, an improvement in the visual appearance usually involves a change in the navigation structure, the addition of new modern and convenient functions, and improvement of the user experience, which is a full-fledged UX redesign. Our Evergreen team has significant experience in website design and redesign, which success is confirmed by positive statistics of visits and increased conversion. You will see an example of a website redesign from Evergreen below.

Websie redesign

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Website Redesign Process

The process of website redesign repeats all the steps of creating a website design, except for the first and last stages. We do not start redesign with visual formation, but with analytics of the existing visual solution. We will tell you more about this and further stages.

Data analysis

The first redesign step is to identify errors in the existing website. We look at analytics and sales funnels to analyze user behavior on the current site. We analyze feedback and technical support experience to identify user complaints at the moment. While working on these documents, we derive hypotheses of improvements, which can be verified later in interviews with users and in polls, on a large sample of respondents. We also carry out an analysis of the market and competitors, examine persons, and decide which functionality to add or change.

Choosing a style and creating a concept

The next step is to decide how much the site style will be changed. In contrast to creating a site from scratch, the redesign takes into account the existing color scheme, logo design, brand book, and guidelines, if the company has one. In this case, we don’t make cardinal redesign but improve and modernize the existing one. Stylistic elements, proper use of fonts, accents, and hierarchy make it possible. We can also add additional modern palettes and a bright accent to corporate colors.

If you plan a complete redesign from scratch with a change of fonts, colors, and logo, then the first step is selecting a new style of the whole website and a moodboard (mood board) creation. You may also need prototyping for a new website when creating deep redesign.

When we find beautiful modern examples of different sites, we determine the general direction of the design and put it on the moodboard. This is followed by the concept stage, in which we create several options for the main page so that the client could choose which one he likes most, and we fall into his expectations.

Website launch

Website redesign differs from a regular website launch from scratch. The main difference is a constant audience that working website has, and which we don’t want to lose. The launch strategy takes into account the size of the site’s audience: if there are many regular loyal users, then the redesign is introduced gradually so as not to frighten the customers and not cause negative reactions. Change of icons, small changes in the style, a redesign of several sections, or a redesign shown to individual user selections are examples of a stepwise redesign. If the site has a small permanent audience, then redesign can be launched immediately.

Before proceeding with the assessment of a site’s redesign, it is necessary to determine whether it is really needed, how global interface errors are, whether it is required to redesign the entire site or separate parts. The cost of a website redesign depends on many other factors, so we always calculate it individually. Sometimes it is much more useful for your business to create a completely new website design. We start from a personal meeting with the customer, at which we learn his business goals and objectives. To estimate the redesign cost, we need to evaluate the scope of the future project and its current status. You can read more about our approach to any project evaluating in this article.

Tell us more about your project, its size, and how you want to improve it, and we will be happy to make a project evaluation for you. Feel free to contact us.

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