Business Automation with Corezoid

We provide business process automation solutions, develop business automation systems, implement CRMs. Business process automation solutions | Evergreen 7

We can connect any system with each other, like web-sites and financial system, implement and customize the CRM-system, document management system, and develop automated business processes that will keep it all updated, as well as build a new service based on the exchange of data or implement a complex process into your existing application or service.

To make it all run we use cloud business processes handler Corezoid and a number of other systems.

Evergreen Is the Official Corezoid Partner

We use Corezoid since 2014 and got serious competence in development and architecture.

Integration of ERP Systems and BP development

— to meet custom needs

Now it is our main specialization in the field of automation. We work with Corezoid system and develop our own elements that allow handling large data flows and synchronize corporate system or subsystem with each other.
More about Corezoid and how to use it see below.

CRM implementation

— Configuration and customization of CRM systems for sales teams with annual turnover of at least $1 ml.

Fast, carefull and accurate implementation of CRM in your company. Consulting before launch, and thorough support afterwards.

CRM implementation

What Corezoid can do

To put it simple, Corezoid receives requests which he processes according to the logic you had configured inside your account. The processing logic is defined graphically, in a nice editor. Corezoid receives data from any system through API (json, xml), and has a built-in functions for basic logic (if-then, timer, queue) and also allows you to write code for everything you can’t do in the editor.

In Corezoid you can build, for example, the following process: when the user signs in, check how much money he has in the account, if not enough money, send Email with a call to update his account, if we do not have his email but only the phone - text him. Wait 2 days. If 2 days are not enough, your CRM can automatically set a task for given manager to call that client.

Business process Corezoid looks something like this - quite clear, isn’t it?

Интерфейс Corezoid для разработки бизнес-процессов

If everything is configured correctly, processes in Corezoid are so simple, and the development is so intuitive that the programmer is not required for support and improvements, any marketer or analyst can handle this.

Moreover, the system is constantly updated with case studies of prepared to use popular services and with ready-to-use business processes - now there are several dozens of them, and developers are willing to share their latest developments.

5 times faster

– development on Corezoid than by standard development procedures

Real-time analytics

Since Corezoid was built for the processing of requests in real time, it provides a powerful tool to track work processes and realtime analytics.

In the screenshot below you can see how many requests have passed trough each node of the process - this graph is updated in real-time to show how the processing runs, where errors occur and accumulate them, also you can edit processes on the go.

Інтерфейс Dashboard Corezoid - статистика по заявкам в реальному часі

You can track history of each request and build a nice graphical representation of service functionality in the form of plain Dashboard for marketers.

Use cases of real projects

On real projects we use Corezoid to quickly combine “uncombinable” systems, so as to conduct marketing campaigns based on the analysis of a large number of requests.

Later we will describe use cases of Corezoid for our customers, and here we list only the areas where we and the developers of Corezoid tested it out:

  • Mass service systems - as a user interface we use any chat or messenger like Telegram, Slack, Skype, and Sender, a user writes in the chat that he wants to order a taxi, then the system shows him a request form which he fills out right away, while Corezoid handles all the orderingg logic;
  • Bank and credit scoring - a survey of various credit bureaus, the formation of a decision to grant a loan, antifraud;
  • Internet of Things (IoT) - we use a device with Internet access, a logic which is programmed via Corezoid - e.g. case for sports clubs - when the visitor just came to the club, it is not necessary to show the card - if he has club’s app on his smartphone, it automatically checks in the club, an administrator sees client’s name and photo on his screen, smiles, greets the client as if he remembers him personally, hands out the key and the towel. The whole logic is processed by Corezoid;
  • More conventional cases for CRM integration, financial systems, notificaton systems (sms/email/viber);
  • Interconnection of the apps you lile most of all (substitution for Zapier).

    We can see now vast opportunities for applying Corezoid in some other niches, and we are interested to make a great project with you that would become an outstanding use case and make a buzz at some international conference. If you’re interested too, we will work it out together!

Need a business automation?

Let us know what kind of project you want to create or develop. Feel free - we will be happy to advise on any professional issue and will do it absolutely for free, just give us a call or fill out the form.