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Identify architecture, functionality, interface, and content issues that make conversion decrease – order usability audit by Evergreen company. Usability Audit: verification of usability| Evergreen 7

Usability audit is a set of measures aimed at identifying website problems and solving them. The unraveling of the issues results in a conversion rate, average purchase amount, and the number of client returns increases, and in the cost of attracting each client decrease.

Usability Audit Problems

As a result of the proceeding of the usability audit, you will receive a list of the most “problematic” spots on the website that are causing the customer disloyalty, as well as a list of detailed recommendations on how to improve the website’s interface. It is necessary to know all the weak points because poor usability can “kill” even 95% of warm leads. And 90% of users, once faced with bad user experience, do not return to the website again.

Usually, the page load time, and all related issues as page errors, incorrect links, cross-browser compatibility are the problem areas. Also, during the report preparation, we analyze the standard interface elements and how much they correspond to the usual user scenarios, whether they make you think too long and complicate the website navigation. 

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Tools That We Use for Usability Audit

We study the users’ behavior on your resource in two ways: direct user testing and extensive data samples analysis. To study user behavior, we use heat maps, web visors, polls. We use Google Analytics, SimilarWeb, Serpstat, etc., to analyze data and user journeys through the purchasing cycle. These tools help us determine the moment when the website visitor stops his journey and leaves your web resource.

Usability Audit Process

What do They Mean by Usability Audits?

Exploring the Audience Needs

While conducting a usability audit, we analyze not only the website itself, but also your target audience and how much your product matches it. It is crucial to understand which information they need (and if you provide it on your resource), and what information can be removed without loss of profits. We also pay special attention to the technical part: if the download failures occur and if the load time takes too long.

Design and Technology

We also examine a large number of factors: if the design is high-quality and modern enough, if all the website elements are well-read, if all the necessary buttons are visible, and if their location is convenient. We compose questions of the many unknowns, and carefully study the results at the end of the testing process.

Exploring Of The User Journey

We study all user steps to the purchasing cycle in detail, analyze how clear and convenient they are. We draw attention to the so-called "barriers" that distract the user: pop-ups, inappropriate forms of registration, which draw users away from the purchase process, etc. And we find ways to turn things around in your favor.


The cost of a usability audit depends on many factors, so we always calculate it individually. Sometimes, you need more than analyzing user behavior and studying data from analytics, to deeply understand the current level of website SEO optimization, which also affects the success of your site. You can read about our approach to assessing the value of any project in this article.

Before discussing the cost, we offer to meet in person. At this meeting, we will be able to understand your primary needs, what is bothering you, and what weak spots are first to examine during the audit. Need a thorough usability audit of your project? Feel free to contact us.

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