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Online shop is a platform for selling goods and services on the Internet. The user’s path from entering the site to making a purchase is the essential process. The main goal of the UX/UI design is to make this path easy, convenient, and smooth for users.

An Example of the Online Shop Design

Creating an online shop design, we consider the primary customers as well as the resource owner’s needs. The customer wants to make purchases without dawdling and complications, whereas the resource owner aims to sell as many goods as possible. Our goal is to give them both what they need. That is why the most critical question we have to answer while creating an online shop design is “How to meet the customer’s requirements in the shortest time?”.

To create an efficient online shop, we develop a prototype reflecting the user's path on the resource. It enables us to understand what difficulties may occur on this path and how to eliminate them. Our goal is to make the user's experience with the site the most satisfying.

Below you can see an example of designing for the children’s goods online-shop by Evergreen.

An Example of the Online Shop Design

Evergreen’s Cases of Online Shop Design

More than 150 successful projects from small sites to big-scale systems prove our team’s experience.

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Trends and Tendencies
in the Online Shop Design

For many years, we in Evergreen have been creating designs for different systems. Our experience shows that keeping up with trends or even foreseeing new tendencies in design makes interface modern and up-to-date for many years in advance. The contemporary look of your resource is no less important than the logic of the tool and the structure. About the latest tendencies in the interface design, you can read in our article. There are also a few examples of UI modern trends for web-shops below.

Unconventional Online Store Design

Do you want your site to stand out from the competitors? Do you want to win new clients, to show that you are on the cutting edge of modern trends? Use unconventional approaches in design. Ask us; we know how to accomplish it on the highest level.


What Is Online Shop Design?

UX/UI online-shop design helps to make your platform convenient, safe, and popular among customers.

Convenient User Interaction

UX design is based on well-established patterns of user path on the website to provide users with a desirable experience. Well-tuned UX makes every step from choosing a category of goods to placing an order clear and pleasant. 


Modern users prefer to search for the goods using a mobile website version but make an actual purchase through the webpage. Therefore, it is vital to make the site adaptive to provide convenient interaction. It should be kept in mind that the UX design of the mobile version differs from the web one. That is why each of them has to be carefully thought-out.

Visual Joy

UI design creates a first visual impression of your web resource even before a customer makes their first click. A few seconds are usually enough for visitors to decide whether to stay on your resource and whether they like your web platform and what it has to offer.

UI kit is necessary for all big platforms comprising numerous pages and functions. Precise and unified UI elements are needed for the user to know how each element of the online shop works: which element is a button, a link, or a menu item. It makes user interaction better and brings more joy from working on the web-resource.

You can find more examples of the key UI elements from one of our projects below.


The cost of online shop design depends on various factors. That is why we always use a personal approach to estimate the price. Before naming a specific sum, we need to consider the number of goods and the logic behind the structure of your platform. The evaluation process also includes such key technical issues as payment methods preferable to your platform, a type of search the customers will use (textual or visual), etc.

We need to know the price range you are operating in, how many functions your online shop will be carrying out in general, and the complexity of the development needed to reach the desired goal. Read more about our approach to calculating the cost of a project in this article.

Even an approximate estimation of the development cost requires clarification of various details. That is why we prefer to meet our clients in person. During a personal meeting, we set out the goals and identify the means of reaching the desired result.

If you want to create an online shop that outshines any competition and make your customers fall in love with it, contact us!

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