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Emphasize the value, modernity, and manufacturability of your product with a bright, convenient, and impressive website prototyping by Evergreen. Website UX prototyping in Kyiv 7

Website prototype development is a process of building the architecture and logic of the site, taking into account all its structural blocks, user movements, and possible scenarios. It is a necessary stage that helps to avoid critical mistakes and costly remaking when creating a site.

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Website Prototype Development Process

The website prototype development process begins with a preliminary analysis of the customer’s business, which includes the unique selling proposition of the target audience, as well as future website content. At this stage, we collect the maximum of useful data and study them to give you exactly what you need.

The next step is to build a convenient and competent structure of the site-users interaction. The ideal website is built in such a way that it is impossible to get confused, turn the wrong way, forget on what page you are, and why you got there. To build such a prototype, we create a variety of user scenarios and test them by users of different ages, social status, and educational grounding within the target audience of a particular business.

The finished prototype is being tested for all possible flaws. At this stage, we introduce all the necessary amendments, which save a lot of nerves, time, effort, and money in the further steps of development.

Website UX Prototyping Tools

The best UX prototyping tools must meet many requirements: make a prototype as quickly as possible to create a to implement changes. They also have to be interactive, understandable both to the customer and professional who works on the prototype development (programmer, designer, project manager, etc.)

The necessary fidelity level of the prototype depends on the specific task. Sometimes it’s enough to draw a prototype manually on paper, sometimes you can limit yourself to an elementary graphic schematic image, and sometimes you need an animated prototype of high-fidelity.

The cost of website UX prototype developing depends on many factors, so we always calculate it individually. An important role here is played by the technology you need, the UX prototyping software  you use. There are sites where you can use field-proven templates to create a prototype, and there are those that require an unusual and individual approach to distinguish your product on the market.

But before determining the cost, we insist on the main component of this stage: a personal meeting with the customer. The meeting is needed to find a common language with you, understand what the main idea behind the creation of the site is, and choose the best to convey it to users. Need to develop a website prototype that will not leave a chance to competitors? Contact us!

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