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The Power of Web Page Chat Widgets and Why Your Business Needs One


You definitely encountered an online chat widget on most company websites offering products and services. Usually, it is a button at the bottom or side of the screen or a pop-up window that appears a few seconds after visiting the page. Clicking on the icon activates a dialogue box where the customer can ask a manager a question, write feedback, leave contact details or request a callback.

What Is a Web Widget for Online Chat?

An online web widget is the simplest and most effective tool for direct communication with customers, which plays a significant role in customer service and helps to improve the overall user experience and boost conversions. Online chat widgets help generate qualified leads, embody a trusted source of live customer feedback, and therefore of service evaluation and improvement.

What Do Widgets Look Like on a Page?

Based on the most common customer queries, the most popular website widgets include:

  • A live chat with a consultant or chatbot;
  • An offline form to collect data. Combined with a chatbot, it provides round-the-clock communication;
  • Callback button;
  • A bespoke widget with a branded design and toolkit.

A solution that combines chatbots and communication with a live manager in a single platform merits special attention. How it works: depending on your tasks, bot scripts or FAQ blocks are created and configured with the possibility of switching to a live operator. What's great is that the bot will handle customer requests outside of business hours, resulting in reduced costs and better service quality.

And our team is ready to implement complex solutions for online businesses with Kwizbot by combining various tools in one convenient platform. Please contact us to receive an individual quote or fill in the form.

Benefits of Online Support Widgets for Business

The use of online chat serves many benefits for any service and e-commerce company:

  • real-time communication with customers;
  • responding to an unlimited number of users at one time;
  • retaining customers on the page;
  • minimisation of personnel overhead and assistance to support operators;
  • 24/7 communication via offline tools;
  • driving customer loyalty by receiving genuine customer feedback and dealing with possible complaints on time;
  • customisation options: selection of available tools and communication channels, visual style, activation or deactivation of pop-ups, positioning on the page.

Online chat support creates added value for customers as well:

  • convenience. Many people find it easier to write a short message or order a call at a convenient time;
  • informality: people see chat as a less formal and more personal way of communicating;
  • time-saving: communication with support is a click away;
  • speed of response: real-time communication with a consultant helps your customers get help faster or decide on a choice.

Best Widgets To Boost Your Website Conversions

To introduce you to some of the most popular products on the market, we have prepared a brief overview of their key features. Let's take a closer look at what they have to offer.

Bitrix 24 Widget: Multiple Tools Behind a Single Button

The Bitrix 24 widget is a button that opens a chat window where customers can leave a message, request a manager's call or fill out a form. The widget's appearance, list of tools and communication channels, location on the screen, pop-up window timing (automatic greeting), pages where it will be displayed, and widget appearance on mobile devices can be specified in the settings. The following channels are supported:

  • An open line to direct messages from different sources (messengers, social networks) into a single chat room for the manager;
  • A CRM form to receive feedback from customers;
  • Callback request.

To add the widget to the website, copy the script and paste it into the page code before the closing /body tag.

bitrix widget example
Source: helpdesk.bitrix24.ru

Kwizbot Widget: an Omnichannel Chatbot For Your Website

Have you ever wondered if you can add a chatbot to your company website? With Kwizbot, it’s easy. Kwizbot Chat allows you to run scripts on the website and connect to the operator via chat. The widget exists in several forms:

  • A consultant's avatar or caption, which when clicked will open a mini chat widget;
  • A chat window that integrates into a personal account or other software for seamless communication from a PC ;
  • A CUI frame that helps you add interactive elements such as surveys or mini-bots to the website pages.

Additional features:

  • A message can force the widget to open;
  • A pop-up message above the button to attract attention;
  • Customisable character actions (avatar or button);
  • Displaying the 'Is typing...' text to simulate a live person;
  • Customization: clients can easily customize the appearance of the avatar and button, the colour scheme, and so on, either by using the built-in editor or by creating their custom template;
  • Adding several widgets to one page;
  • Message history in the widget;
  • API integrations.

What makes the Kwizbot widget unique is its fully customisable interface: you get a functional layout and change it to your liking, corporate style and colour preferences.
All you need to do to add the Kwizbot chatbot widget to your website is copying and pasting the corresponding HTML+JS script to your page source code.
More features are coming, including file transfer, video and images, link sharing, and inline buttons in the widget and messenger, so stay tuned!

kwizbot widget exapmle

JivoChat — A Live Chat for Websites

Jivo is one of the most popular chat apps with the following key features:

  • Translated into 20 languages;
  • Setting up proactive invitations for critical web pages;
  • Agent app: chat management, chat history, handing over the dialogue to another colleague, possibility to view and link customer information such as their location, referral source to your website or contact details to the CRM;
  • The Jivo widget is mobile friendly (iOS, Android) and works in all mobile browsers;
  • Setting up the working hours for each operator, and in the after-hours, an offline form will appear on the website to automatically forward incoming messages to your email;
  • Customisable chat button design;
  • Integrations: connecting the callback button, social media and messengers to the chat, CRM systems can be integrated via API.

The widget is easy to install: all you need to do is copy and paste a piece of code onto the website. And to work in online mode, you need to launch the agent app and log in with your credentials.

jivo widget example
Source: jivo.ru

ChatBot Chat Widget: a Bot to Connect With Your Website Visitors

Chat Widget is a ready-to-use chat window you can easily add to your web page and quickly customise. It features several useful options:

  • welcome screen: opening and shutting down the chat window with one click, setting up custom greetings to welcome website visitors;
  • personalisation: setting up the type and positioning the chat button, choosing the bot avatar, colour, theme and appearance to match your brand’s look;
  • the chat widget supports all available chatbot response formats, including interactive elements, e.g., buttons, images, carousels, cards, and quick replies;
  • ready-to-use chat templates for customer service, lead generation, eCommerce, HR, and marketing.

The widget is installed in the same way as the previous ones — by adding a script to the page source code.

chatbot widget example
Source: chatbot.com

GetCall Online: a Smart Callback Widget

GetCall Online offers the customer a callback and automatically connects them to a manager. The widget consists of:

  • A contact button to display on the page. Opens a window with an offer to call back in 30 seconds, and a pop-up message may appear above the button to attract attention;
  • Offer to call back that appears separately depending on website visitor behaviour;
  • An active call request form that connects the website visitor to an operator;
  • A pop-up window shows up if the visitor has not been active on the website for some time.

GetCall widget can be active during business and non-business hours. It integrates with the CRM and forwards all calls to the assigned employees; a client base can be created, and all communication history will be stored in the client card in the CRM. There is integration with Google Analytics and Binotel's native telephony.

getcall widget example
Source: binotel.ua

Closing Words

A chat widget is always in sight of website visitors, actively attracting attention and encouraging them to engage in a conversation. The central value of online widgets is their ability to handle customer messages from all communication channels at any time through a single application. When implemented correctly, such a system helps build brand trust, increase sales and maintain constant contact with your audience.

If you want to create a bot for your website, implement a functional widget, and transform your website into a reliable lead generation source, feel free to contact us. We'll offer a unique solution that your competitors will envy.

The images used in this article are taken from open sources and are used as illustrations.
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