CRM Technical Support

Development of new funcions, solving technical problems in your CRM. Reliable CRM support from professionals. CRM technical support, CRM support - Evergreen 7

Extension of the functional, solving technical problems, support of your CRM

When you have implemented CRM and your business grows up, you will need to implement new features and continually refine the capabilities of CRM.

After implementing CRM, you may encounter unwillingness or inability of previous developers to provide development. Evergreen helps you to solve following issues.

Update and technical support for existing CRM implementations

We are improving the implementation of Pipedrive CRM and custom CRM on the Laravel, Symphony frameworks.

Integrate CRM with other company systems

Development of site functions, form integration, customization of users' cabinets, online payment, new opportunities for visitors, integration into a single business infrastructure using Corezoid

Development of CRM-related systems and web-services

Development of chat bots, calculators, marketing automation processes and other opportunities to save time for your sellers and marketers.

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