Solutions for International Funders and Donors

For international funders and donors, Evergreen is a reliable technology partner that can guarantee results. We are ready to work with state and non-state actors, through the mediation of a donor/funder. IT Solutions for International Funders and Donors 7

Evergreen has many years of experience in working with international funders and donors, grant organizations and implementing grant-funded projects. We are skilled in preparing project and pre-project documentation and reporting packages for the course of projects. We also have our own legal and financial departments ready to find a suitable approach to resolving any issue during contract negotiation or execution. At the same time, we are easy to communicate with, we speak the language of the project, and facilitate a quick negotiation process.

Apart from design and development, our range of services includes product knowledge training, preparing instructions, and documentation compliant with international standards.

The services offered by Evergreen are based not only on Ukrainian legislation, but primarily on international experience, and are designed to provide the best possible solution. 

Processes That Comply With High International Requirements

When developing solutions for your business, we rely on choosing the most efficient architecture, followed by documenting and preparation of the architecture documentation package. The choice of the preferred technology excludes any close ties to a specific person or company. We prefer to play it safe: the design and choice of technologies by Evergreen is an organized and balanced process, which is accompanied by risk management, consideration of organizational, technical, and reputational risks.

Evergreen's approach to complex corporate projects is such that the higher the development requirements of the business, the more thoughtful, detailed, and harmonized all related documentation will be. Documenting the development at every stage ensures that the future product will meet your needs and perform the required functions.

It is crucial for us to comply with safety requirements. The ability and preparedness to pass security audits are some of our strong competencies. We also work with product versions for people with disabilities and/or visual impairments, including special markings and up to obtaining the certificate of conformity.

Companies of any size can benefit greatly from the use of cutting-edge technology, as long as the decisions to choose the first available low-end solution are not being taken blindly, just to close the matter as quickly as possible. By taking the first met offer you get, it's hard to predict what the long-term outcome will be ("money down the drain") and how these solutions will affect your business as a whole. We understand the difficulties and risks involved in launching projects for various forms of business, and we know how to get the desired result even with a limited budget. 


Some Examples of the Cooperation Between Evergreen and International Funders and Donors

Our team's experience, level of competence, and values underpinning Evergreen's approach to development are proven by the number of successfully implemented projects in various business areas, including startups, SMBs, enterprises, and government agencies with the support of international donors and funders.

Partnered with the Civil Service of Ukraine and the EU Advisory Mission, we have developed a new format of the information portal of the National Police of Ukraine and its regional subdivisions supporting a version for the visually impaired based on the international standard WAI-ARIA. Evergreen has been cooperating with non-governmental organizations for a long time in the framework of projects financed by international funding agencies (IDLO) and/or with the financial support of foreign governments (DANIDA, EUAM, EUACI), aiming at the implementation of economic reforms in Ukraine and the transformation of society.


Solutions for International Funders and Donors by Evergreen

UX design. The organization's image directly depends on website architecture quality and usability. It is a calling card that reflects the principles and results of the institution's work and influences its users' trust. The choice of necessary architecture and design depends on the purpose for which the website or portal is created. Not only a thoughtful user-flow and detailed prototype are being created during the development of UX, displaying key functional blocks, but all possible system loads and the capability to extend its functionality need to be considered. We also create the website versions accommodated for people with disabilities and visual impairments, that contain special markings, e.g., for voice-over programs.

UX audit. A detailed analysis of the standard interface elements helps to determine how they correspond to familiar user scenarios, and whether the navigation on the site is not too complicated. At Evergreen, we use thermal maps, web viewers, surveys, and analytical tools to explore users. Following the audit, you will receive a list of the most "problematic" areas that lead to the loss of users, as well as a set of recommendations and measures aimed at eliminating possible errors and further optimization.

Websites of public authorities. We create reliable and effective websites and information portals for public institutions. A key to the success of such projects is to deeply understand the level of responsibility and principles of the organizations for whom the website is created. At Evergreen, we usually work with first persons —  at the level of departments and/or civil services, or with the representatives of a donor/funder. As a result, you obtain a reliable website integrated with your accounting, workflow, and CRM systems and a development partner for further support and website maintenance after launch.

Web portal design. An Internet portal is a set of various Internet services that work within one website and allow users to complete several tasks in a short time. Ease of navigation and smart UX-design is extremely important for such kind of websites, as well as the impression a user can get from the interaction thanks to an effective UI. We have experience in creating financial and information portals, including those for public institutions.

Website support and fixes. We fix the mistakes made by previous developers, carry out work to improve the website functionality by adding new sections and modules, e.g. user accounts, support for online payments, and more. Technical improvement of websites provided by Evergreen also includes integration with CRM and ERP-systems and the customer's internal systems.

SRS development. A mandatory part of the design process at Evergreen. We successfully develop specifications (SRS) for both commercial organizations planning to hold a tender to develop their systems, and for non-commercial organizations and international donors who are choosing a contractor to develop projects for public authorities. Thorough consideration of functional, system, and user requirements to the product allows us to create accurate and highly detailed specifications for algorithms and data structures.

Software architecture design. In the context of SaaS development and building complex systems from scratch, corporate systems integration, or when creating new products, the design is aimed at reducing uncertainty. Each document within the project is a description of the final product. We evaluate and describe business processes of the projected system, the product boundaries, general technical concept, estimated profitability calculation, detailed technical component diagram, technology stack, as well as process organization and team. Compliance with standards in documentation is the cornerstone of successful development.

Highload websites. Highload architecture is fault-tolerant, which is essential for your website's stability (especially for social projects, payment systems, governmental websites, or charity projects) during peak loads or when there is a constant influx of users (requests). The Evergreen team has long-standing experience in creating and supporting highload projects, a proven technology stack, and carries out project activities in strict compliance with international standards.

Highload systems development. At Evergreen, we are experienced in operating both relational and object-oriented DBMS, as well as caching and load balancing systems. Due to our highload solutions, we can build large-scale information portals, public authorities' websites, payment resolvers, various real-time API services, big data processors, and more. At all stages, development is carried out in compliance with relevant standards, security protocols, and business objectives of the customer.

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