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A portal is a combination of various Internet services that operate within a single site and enable the user to take advantage of the all-in-one approach. The more convenient the portal is, and the more significant and reliable the opportunities it offers are, the higher is its rating among users.

Portal design example

While design creating, we work through the logic of the resource and its structural blocks to the utmost. All this serves to build a resource that combines many features so that users can solve more of their issues in a short time. The more user tasks a portal can solve, the more customers and profit it will bring to its owner.

In our work, we create a product that will meet the users’ expectations and bring you loyal customers for a long time. A well-built portal provides users with reliable resources for daily work. With the help of a good UI, we make the use of a resource enjoyable, add novelty value, and harmonize your image and the feel on the portal with the original idea.

You can see an example of a portal design of that kind below.

 Example of a portal design

Portal design case studies

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Portal design trends and tendencies

For many years, we at Evergreen have been creating designs for different systems. Our experience shows that a feel for current trends and even forecasting new tendencies in design makes the interface modern and relevant for many years to come. A modern appearance of your resource is no less important than the tool’s logic and structure. Read about the trends in the modern interface design in our article.

Dradient is one of them. Below you can see the example of it. 

Gradient Example


What is portal design?

UX/ UI portal design is the architecture of macro-interactions of user with your resource

Regardless of whether your portal is dedicated to one topic or combines several on one platform, it is necessary to help the user not to get lost among many sections and information blocks.

Ease of Navigation

Thoughtful UX design helps users navigate through the portal and achieve goals in each of the sections by reading news, learning/rating, leaving a review, writing a message/ email, booking an event, etc. At the same time, with a well-established structure, each goal will be achieved quickly and without complications.


The portal’s UI design creates user micro-interactions with it. A visual wow effect, the aesthetic pleasure from each button before, and after clicking on it, the subconscious perception of the resource atmosphere and attunement with it are significant for user’s perception of the resource as a whole. Each element – be it a font, indentation, serifs, or shadows – is critical.


A successful UX/ UI design starts with a prototype. A well-designed and tested prototype is the key to the success of your portal. A prototype is a layout for your future interface. You can learn more about its creation in our article. Below are some examples of prototypes we created for different portals.

The cost of design depends on many factors, so we always calculate it individually. When developing a design for a portal, we pay attention to designing the resource structure in the first place.

Our task at this stage is to think over the complete user’s navigation through the resource and how to make sure that he always understands where he is and how to use all the portal’s features to best benefit from his stay there.

The cost of creating a portal will depend on many factors that we are going to discuss in the first meeting. They include the future architecture of the resource, the main components of the portal, what goal the user can achieve using one or another tool. Before assessing the cost of work, we study in detail the client’s wishes and determine steps that need to be taken to satisfy these wishes. 

Tell us more about your portal, the content you want to fill it with, and how to surprise the user and we will gladly do it for you. But first, let's calculate the cost of development. Would you like to order the portal design? Contact us via any communication channel.


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