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Make sure that your product is understandable to users and performs the task for which it was created – order UX testing by Evergreen. UX Testing in Kyiv 2

What is UX testing? UX testing or usability testing is an intensive study of product convenience and comprehensibility level for users. It is conducted out on all websites to determine how their structure, logic, and user flow help the user reach the goal.

UX Testing Report Examples

A detailed report is a result of in-depth UX testing, in which we state all the problem areas of your web-resource. Also, we will explain why they do not work and advise the next steps to do to improve performance. We don’t use platitude, only specifics, backed up by numbers. Please, check the usability testing UX reports examples from Evergreen below. 


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UX Testing Process

Factors that we pay special attention to when conducting UX testing are given below. Each of them forms part of the user interaction in their way, but together they answer the question: “Is your resource user-friendly enough?”


At this stage, we analyze how your product is built, its architecture levels (hierarchy, structure, etc.; this also includes menu items and sub-items) and their interrelationships. We test if they do not overload the resource and if their removal or combining change the website for the better. Navigation testing is a critical stage because the architecture directly affects user experience on the site even if users don’t notice it. While testing, we use the card sorting methods and navigation tree testing.

User behavior

We analyze the entire user flow on your resource, from the entry point to the goal achieving (registration, logging into a personal account, product finding, order placing, payment) to understand if the user can navigate the existing system quickly and easily. We carry out rigorous usability testing with scenarios and study users’ attention (focus). There are no unimportant issues while this process and every mistake will cost you hundreds of potential customers, insofar as other products work on usability and service level in the fierce competition in today’s online marketplace.


At this stage, we check how your project matches the user’s mental model. We usually use a 5-second test or a comparison of two options, if it is not a finished product, but a prototype. We go through all stages of testing to show you how to make your product even better, more useful, and more functional. Since the average stay on the site today is 2.5 minutes, we need to use this time to make the user place the order and prevent him from switching to a competition.

UX Testing Instruments

We conduct two types of testing: quantitative and qualitative. As part of the process, we use both our resources (statistics gathering of the product usage, user reviews, a/b testing UX), and popular UX testing software: Loop11, First Click tests, Preference tests, etc.

Moderated and non-moderated tests, surveys, and other types of tests, based on the size of your product, its complexity, predicted attendance, and audience are also a part of our arsenal of UX testing methods.


Hom much does UX testing cost

The cost of UX testing depends on many factors, so we always calculate it individually, taking into account the number of pages, semantic blocks, the complexity of the architecture, site functions, length of user path and the total number of tested goals.

Although, before talking about the cost, we prefer to meet with the customer in person. For us, this is a way to understand what meanings you put across your business, what is its main business idea. It is necessary to pay attention not only to numbers but also to how close the product is to the concept realization. Need to test your product and find out how close it is to users?


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