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Business Processes Automation and unique UX for “Vash Pult”

About the customer

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whole and retail sale of remote controls



“VashPult” is one of the leaders of the Ukrainian remote control market. The company is the largest wholesale remote controls’ supplier in Ukraine. For 20 years Vash Pult has been operating on the market, 10 of which as an e-shop.

Background and the pain points of a customer

VashPult turned to Evergreen at the moment when business tasks greatly exceeded the capability of the old website, created on the already outdated platform. Moreover, to maintain its functionality became difficult and time-consuming. The company needed a new, convenient both for business and clients website.

How everything worked before

For the maintenance and accounting of sales, VashPult used two independent systems, which were not directly integrated with each other – Microsoft Dynamics Nav (Navision) and retailCRM. Navision tracked orders from wholesalers, stored the wholesalers’ price categories and the discounts for each wholesaler and category. Orders from e-shop were directed in retailCRM and maintained there. Nav was one and single base for the company. Managers manually had to transfer retail customers orders from retailCRM into Nav. The stock balance updates on the website had to be done manually as well.

Project Objectives


The primary goal of the customer was to automate the sales business process.


Combine wholesale and retail trade into one online store


Integrate two internal trade systems with a new website


New website design should be modern, understandable and user-friendly

Evergreen Solution

We have created an entirely new, modern, convenient e-store that allows VashPult to accept orders from both wholesale and retail customers. Also, there is the price-lock function which reflects personalized prices to authorised users.

We have integrated the new website and the two internal Navision and retailCRM systems mentioned above. From now on, they operate like a single mechanism.


How everything works now:

When a wholesale/retail buyer makes an order on the site through the cart, this process is depicted in the CMS. If a registered wholesaler place the order, then it automatically goes further to Navision, where wholesale customer manager processes the data.
In case unauthorized wholesaler or retailer makes the order, it is transferred to retailCRM and proceeded by the manager.
If the retail buyer chooses the delivery by Nova Poshta, then the data from the website is automatically transferred to the retail form for the order delivery. After the manager’s confirmation, the order from retailCRM automatically goes to Navision. The Corezoid platform provides the integration between the CMS, retailCRM and the ERP system Navision. So the final recordkeeping is maintained in the Navision system, and then, information about prices and availability of goods are pulled onto the website.

Sophisticated UI

In response to each consumer’s need, we designed unique interface UX solutions that simplify the client’s experience while using the website.
At this stage, we really appreciated the customer actively participating in the project development, he knew the products and clients well and could say – “yes, it will be cool!” or “no, it won’t be handy for the user”. Taking all this as a basis, we created a prototype of the future site.

Web Screens Perspective PSD Mockup4

Price Lock for the wholesaler

Price Lock is the core concept of the website. It means that the client enters the catalog on the website and sees precisely his customised prices; all his discounts are taken into the costing of the order, and the order process indeed is simplified for managing a large number of goods. Thus, the wholesale buyer can place orders 24/7, and if the products are in warehouses in the right amount, there is no need to call and confirm the order – all routine processing will happen automatically.

Browser-Template Dark3

Selection by the remote control model or equipment

VashPult has the most significant base of the remote controls’ nomenclatures and their compatibility with the relevant models of tech equipment in Ukraine. So we have decided to use these advantages to the maximum. On the main page, we created a form that simplifies the selection process: you choose the “model of tech equipment” or “model of the remote control” and go to the menu of the relevant products.


Prioritized search and filters

Search in the header finds the desired remote control by characteristics and description. The search results are given according to the established priority, first of all, the results on product ID, then – by the name of the product, further by the brand of equipment and other characteristics.

Furthermore, we have developed the detailed filter oriented towards the interaction with the catalogue:

by the manufacturer
by quality (analogue, copy, original, improved copy)
by equipment type
by buttons on the remote control
by remote control type
by price

Selection by the photo

In case someone can’t find the necessary remote control, we have added the “quick search by photo” function. The client enters the contacts for feedback and uploads the photo of his remote control.

For those who fill this form from phone or tablet, you can immediately take a picture. After you select this function, the camera opens instantly, and the photo is automatically attached to the request form.

After sending the form, the manager receives an e-mail with the request, and after picking up several suitable options, he contacts the client.


Challenging and successful “Remote” design

The revolutionary “Remote” design of this site is an entirely different story. About it, and other stuff we have learned the hard way you can read in another Evergreen article.



In addition to organisational processes improvement, VashPult got extra results.

For the first three days after the new website launch, the client received 14 requests through the function of the remote control photo selection mechanism.

The number of online payments for a few months has grown from 1-2% to 9-10% because people began to trust the website.

Wholesale partners were surprised by the decision to ask them to fill an online application, because of the manner working on the phone-mode, but the youngest and most progressive part of wholesalers has already appreciated new opportunities of placing the order online.

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