Launching a chatbot for Cashberry, Ukraine's leading microfinance company 8 Launching a chatbot for Cashberry, Ukraine's leading microfinance company 9 Launching a chatbot for Cashberry, Ukraine's leading microfinance company 10

A Chatbot for Cashberry: Easy Online Loan Application and Payments via Messengers

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Cashberry is a leading Ukrainian online platform and a microfinance lender that provides short-term loans from UAH 500 to 15,000 for 7 to 30 days. Cashberry has been successfully operating in the Ukrainian market since 2016.

Following modern trends, the launch of chatbots for popular messengers such as Viber, Facebook Messenger and Telegram brings Cashberry's customer service to a new level. With Cashberry chatbot, clients can apply for and pay off a loan, contact a manager, get the most information about the service, and subscribe to the company's news — all of this happens quickly, easily and using the familiar interface of a messenger. 

On the technical side, the Cashberry bot is based on the Kwizbot solution by Evergreen. It features an admin panel, a script builder to edit the bot without any programmers involved, and a mailing interface. We configured the following scripts:

  • a FAQ section providing answers to the most common customer questions; 
  • in non-standard situations, a live agent can take over the conversation;
  • a system of user subscription to targeted newsletters.

Casberry bot interface in Telegram

Cashberry's new chatbot focuses on customer convenience and allows clients:

- to quickly make a loan payment by phone number, contract number, or TIN;

- to reapply for a loan: registered users only need to specify their phone number to authorise in the system; first-time customers will be redirected to the website;

- to learn all about the company's services in the Help section;

- to subscribe to Cashberry's newsletter to receive offers and promotions;

- contact support at any time and speak to a manager when needed.

For a finance company, implementing a chatbot offers several benefits:

1. A new communication channel to reach the customers in their preferred messenger.

2. User-friendliness, which increases customer loyalty: all you need to do is find the bot in a Telegram or Facebook search or follow a direct link on the website.

3. Reduced support workload due to bot's FAQ capabilities.

4. Reducing the cost of mailings because they are free of charge, unlike traditional texting and calls, and users tend to like them more.

Also, you can use the phone number to instantly identify your loyal customers to offer them better terms of service, faster loan decisions — all in a single dialogue, without having to close the messenger.

Since its launch in December 2020, Cashberry's new chatbot service has been gaining popularity: as of March 2021, 5,500 unique users had contacted the bot. Enquiries were most frequent in the Help section (more than 3,000 requests), loan payment (almost 2,000 requests) and applying for a loan. Also, 79% of customers used Telegram and 21% used Facebook Messenger. 

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