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Evergreen's Office Assistant Chatbot

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"You must practice what you preach". And we at Evergreen do use solutions in our own business that we offer to our clients. The office bot assistant is one of such innovations, which now helps the team with everyday office routines and frees up our manager's time.

What Was the Problem?

Being too busy and not having the time to walk around the office and check that everything was OK. Pens and paper ran out, all biscuits mysteriously disappeared, a chair broke — and the office manager had other things to do or had been working remotely that day and was unaware of the issue.

So, what did we do? We created a chatbot assistant for Telegram. Now there are QR codes all over the office:


How Does the Virtual Office Assistant Work?  

Irina Murai, our office manager, explains: 

"When we run out of anything in the office or need to buy some stuff, something is broken and needs to be repaired quickly - a coworker who noticed the problem immediately scans the QR code and opens a chatbot dialogue in Telegram. They can choose an option from the menu, report a problem, and send a picture. Following this information, a task appears in Redmine. Another responsible person or I will receive an email notification. It helps solve the problem much quicker. And I always know right away if something is wrong. After the problem is resolved, I change the task status to "completed". Whoever sent the enquiry is immediately notified that their request has been fulfilled".

Office chatbot by Evergreen

Where Else Can Such a Chatbot Be Used? 

For example, locating the right product in a big mall may be hard sometimes because the logic behind its arrangement can be too twisted. And finding a consultant turns into a challenge. However, launched through a QR-code, a bot will help you find what you need by telling you the department or aisle number.

In terms of remote work, such a bot is still relevant because it helps you make any requests and contact the office manager. What you need can as well be delivered to your home :-)


The office bot integrates with any task management system, including Redmine (out-of-the-box integration), Trello, Bitrix24, Google Spreadsheets and others.  

Would You Like Such a Solution? We Have One :-)

Price for small offices: $50 per month or $500 per year. 

Custom integrations and updates: from $200.

Feel free to contact us! 

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