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How We Developed CPL Affiliate Network with an Auction in Just 2 Months

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Business Problem Overview

There is a million market demand for small renovation works, but such customers can not find normal responsible teams for their project.

There are a large number of small renovation teams that do not have an understanding of modern marketing and sales, but they know how to do their job well, but they have few customers.

In this niche an important link is missing. Link that will unite demand and supply into one market and help both to solve their tasks: customers — get high-quality work, contractors — receive a stream of orders with a decent average check.

business problem

What if This Problem Remains Unsolved?

what if the problem remains unsolved

Demand for services with the budget up to 2000-5000 dollars will be covered only by hack-laborers and contractors of poor quality. 90% of the renovation market is just such average budgets, and companies can not reach out to these small customers.

What Is the Target Audience of the Problem Solution?

Two main groups of users:

small companies entrepreneurs
Small renovation contractors and small renovation companies Private individuals with a request for renovation services like «bathroom renovation for $ 5000»

How This Product Solves the Problem

This product connects large demand on small renovation services with a large industry of small renovation companies and contractors.

The solution is to buy inquiries for services that real customers left on webmasters’ websites. This is almost like AdWords, except for one core feature: here you yourself decide how much you think is appropriate to pay for the inquiry (lead) and you can beat the competitor’s bet if you understand that the lead is worth it. All bids are traded on an auction model among small and medium-sized companies for renovation and construction.

A unique selling proposition of this network is simple: we do dirty work for you, we are looking for clients, talking and warming them up, and all you have to do is just buy this “prepared” lead for relatively little money. A true win-win situation.

What Businesses Can Benefit From Using This Solution

This product can be used by any business that does not have money for marketing and sales, but have perfect expertise in their niche of services, which relates to virtually all small and medium service businesses.

Main Example

Construction and House maintenance contractors

You create an account at the auction, set up auto-buyout bot which will buy leads by region, works category and several other parameters automatically for a set amount of money per 1 lead. All new leads are delivered to your inbox daily, you can buy them out immediately, if you see that this is exactly your client and there is a good potential.

This auction doesn’t require you to hire a separate manager, even the owner of the company can do this. All you need to do is just browse through a daily leads list in your smartphone inbox and go to the auction to buy out the most suitable ones.

use case

Similar Solutions

Are there similar solutions that already tackle the same problem? No, there are no known solutions that work exactly the same way.

How Was It Developed in 2 Months?

development stages

  • added to the team +1 back-end developer, worked in four hands +1 front-ender;
  • design was not drawn from scratch, we took a ready-made UI kit materialize instead, which shortened design stage from 6 to 2 weeks. Before drawing a final layout of each page, we first discussed the wishes of the client, then gave them to designer, and confirmed every layout one at a time. There were almost no rounds of changes introduced;
  • the front-end which was made on Vue JS went in parallel with the back-end development, which reduced the time for the integration of the front and the back;
  • unit tests covered all the computational mathematics of the auction, reducing the time for manual testing of the scoring logic;
  • the assembly of the admin panel was done on the ready Laravel Sleeping Owl admin panel, which was previously used in 4 projects with this php framework;
  • infrastructure was initially set up at Digital Ocean, and cloud-based technologies have saved time to configure servers for the project.

What’s Under the Hood

Technical stack of the solution

corezoid amocrm post_affiliate_pro dialogflow

Corezoid - business processes engine

AmoCRM - leads management system

Post Affilate Pro - affiliate management system for web-masters

NLU-service Dialogflow - parsing descriptions of inquiries from leads

kayako walletone auction sender

Helpdesk: Kayako - to give help to contractors who buy leads on the auction

Payment Processing System - WalletOne

Auction - custom solution based on PHP framework Laravel

Web-chat for web-masters to collect leads - Sender 

Solution Ecosystem

solution ecosystem


  • quick-start of relatively complete development from scratch;
  • using ready components and systems in every node of the eco-system enables fast changes if business requires them;
  • except for the auction system, there is no capital in-house development, which requires large investments at the start;
  • flexible cloud architecture on Corezoid has a system effect: as the integration of systems grows, the development of new automation processes gets cheaper;
  • replacing components, scalability through the use of reliable cloud services of Digital Ocean.

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