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5 Innovative Ways to Use Chatbots in E-Commerce

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While some retailers hesitate to use commercial chatbots, others are already enjoying the benefits of this technology in their business.

For merchants, using artificial intelligence, natural language processing, machine learning, and live operators can significantly help to streamline their business.

Сommercial chatbots make things easier, by performing various tasks and providing high-quality customer service.

What does an eCommerce chatbot do for your business?


No abandoned Shopping Cart Abandonment

An Ecommerce chatbot immediately reacts when a user leaves a cart filled with goods, and sends them a friendly reminder.


Excellent Customer Service

Imagine having a virtual assistant that can answer repetitive questions about shipping, order status and also help clients find a specific product, or item quickly.


Increase Sales

This technology tracks client behavior, on the site. Based on this analysis, you can build a more effective marketing strategy.


Interact with Customers

AI analyzes the activity of visitors and interacts with them automatically.


Easy Implementation

Creating an eCommerce chatbot for your online store, is faster than you think. You’ll be able to edit and improve your chatbot with ease.



Commercial chatbots, available 24/7, are more effective than having a live operator. By implement this technology, you can replace employees.

Bots Understand Your Natural Language

Bots are developed using AI technology, which allows the system to understand a human’s natural language, provide knowledge graphs and computer vision.

We’ll share some examples of how commercial chatbots are interacting with and learning from customers, to help them find what they need.

Natural language understanding

Natural language
Top 5 cutting edge eCommerce chatbot examples



A virtual assistant helps users to find the best options. Having identified a category and type of product, eBay’s shopbot asks clarifying questions. This way, the program recommends the most suitable, and personalized items for the customer.



The bot for one of the world’s leading brands helps customers quickly find the items they’re looking for. This technology assists in personal styling and creating a legendary Air Max original, via a sneaker generator.

Sephora Chatbot Example


Customers can ask Sephora’s eCommerce chatbot for help, when it comes to making the best shopping selections. It quickly finds sale items that meet the user’s taste and style.
Aerie Ecommerce Chatbot


By functionality, this eCommerce chatbot resembles the eBay one. It can show two pics of different styles and has “THIS or THAT” options. When a user chooses a better one, the system narrows the search and offers the desired item.


It’s one of the most used eCommerce chatbot examples. This shopping bot tries to figure out which style is preferred, by a user, to offer them the best options. In the beginning, the assistant shows pictures of clothing and gets the client’s opinion about them. The H&M bot helps create outfits and select items you’re sure to like.

Top brands are using commercial chatbots to increase their user satisfaction rates, and to stand out from competitors and customers enjoy using these virtual assistant to help them get inspired and find an item quickly.

If you’re wanting to stay up to date on client trends, having an eCommerce chatbot will give your business a competitive advantage.

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