Artificial Intelligence: Introduction

Artificial intelligence, as well as technologies based on it, are developing at a tremendous pace and have already penetrated most areas of our daily life. Robotisation is not far behind it, expanding both the speed of integration with our life and the operation speed of robots themselves.

Considering progress rate of machine learning, the highly developed countries of the world are concerned about the consequences for all of us. After all, the issue of legal regulation in the field of artificial intelligence and autonomous systems is still open. How to resolve disputes if the AI ​​caused a person injury or car accident? Is it possible to secure the citizens completely? Do people themselves trust AI technologies?

The situation is being made more dramatic since ordinary people know little about the real possibilities of AI and Robotics. Some are subject to the panic caused by Hollywood blockbuster horror stories; others are afraid that they can use artificial intelligence to hunt personal data, spy on other people, cyber attacks or even launch autonomous weapons, if not regulated at the legislative level.Software robots and movie robots are completely different thingsWho should manage the technology? The question is still open. On the one hand, technology companies are proper to cope with it. On the other hand, who has to regulate their activities? State? However, each state pursues its interests. Alternatively, is it better to entrust such responsibility to non-state international organizations?

Of course, we still need answers to many questions related to these technologies to crack this problem. It is also necessary to develop regulatory standards in the field of artificial intelligence and robotics. Therefore, Evergreen joined the European AI Alliance initiative, which involves consulting experts in the field of AI, lawyers, and businesses to achieve these goals.

Technologies today makes the world more comfortable and convenient. We at Evergreen do our best, so that they also make it safer. Got ideas? Contact us, and we turn them into reality.

The images used in this article are taken from open sources and are used as illustrations.