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What Is Reliable Hosting and How to Choose It?


Lia Timoshenko, Project Manager in shares with us the main criteria for reliable hosting.

Like a Reliable Person, a Reliable Hosting Company Is Distinguished by Such Qualities As:

    • Predictability;
    • Security;
    • Timely Support and Assistance.

It is worth noting that it’s very important to choose not only the hosting company, but also the type of web hosting services you need. This is one more key to the success of your site.

  • Regular hosting (also called virtual or shared) is the most budget option, suitable for online business card websites, blogs, online stores with low traffic (not more than 1000-2000 visitors per day). In other words, the hosting of this type suits most for entry-level websites. In this case, you should be ready that sometimes the neighbors on the server will overload it, and your site could become inaccessible.
  • VPS or VDS (Virtual Private Server) - suitable for most projects of the primary and secondary level with attendance of up to 10,000 people per day. The essence of the service - you get a certain amount of resources (CPU power, RAM, etc.), while your server neighbors do not interfere with you.
  • Dedicated server is one of the most expensive type of web hosting. Buying Dedicated server you can use the whole server without neighbors. It’s suitable for large projects with an attendance of 10,000+ people per day.

Important! If you don’t know how to deal with the settings of the servers, then buying the services of VPS or Dedicated, be sure to order the administration services. In this case, the technical support staff will configure the server according to your requests.

Some hosters provide the administration services for free. You can contact the company’s technical support for more details.

It Is Necessary to Clearly Define the Criteria by Which You Can Find Reliable Hosting:

1. Price

Free reliable hosting is a utopia. Reliability must have a price. Hosting does not have to be too expensive. Its price will depend on the type of hosting. You pick a type of hosting for the needs of your website. The use of free hosting could end up in a nervous wreck and the life of your website can stop irretrievably. As such a hoster does not bear any obligations to you and can’t give any guarantees.

2. Reputation

If the hosting provider is reliable, then the number of its customers is estimated in thousands. These customers are satisfied and trust the company for a long time. Hosting ratings can help you choose such a company, for example, the leading on the CIS market portal, which excludes anonymous reviews and cheating,

3. Availability of the own DC (and often not one)

As you know, websites are stored on servers, and the state of sites depends on the servers’ working condition. A reliable web hosting company, which respects itself and its customers, pays an attention to the maintenance and updating of servers. Therefore, a reliable hoster has its own data centers that can be located in any country of the world.

4. The use of new technologies in services - cloud hosting, SSD-drives, CDN, etc

A company that cares about the customers constantly improves the quality of its services and implements new services and technologies. The presence of new technologies in the services proves the reliability of the hoster and indicates the presence of good specialists in the staff of the company, as well as sufficient funds for the introduction of innovations.

5. Prompt and responsive customer support

Reliable hosting is inconceivable without technical support, which customers can contact in a difficult situation. Reliability of a hosting company is the ability to provide quality and prompt assistance on any client issue. For the user it is important not only to get a template answer but to solve the problem without losing extra time and money.

The Following Brief Tips Will Help You to Make Choice in Favor of Truly Reliable and High-Quality Web Hosting Services Among the Many Web Hosting Companies:

• Decide what type of web hosting you need. It must meet the needs of your website.

• Do not bet on free hosting. A reliable hosting always has a price.

• Pay attention to the reviews about the web hosting company, its reputation, the number of customers and the duration of its work on the market of web hosting services.

• Ensure that the company has its own data centers. Better if the servers would be placed in different parts of the world.

• Learn about the technologies provided by the hoster. A reliable company keeps up with the times and is constantly improving.

• Find out what kind of  provides the chosen web hosting company, and would be better if you test it for the speed and adequacy of the answers. To do this, you can use the free trial period.

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