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3 Ways to Improve The Restaurant Industry in 2019: Through Automation & Monitoring Technology

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New innovations, in the client services industries, are allowing restaurant owners to monitor, analyze, and optimize their company’s work processes. Our ​restaurant management software​ helps track restaurant employees, and may be a good tool for more accurate work evaluations.

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#1 Monitor Employee Work Productivity and Performance with NFC.  

NFC – Near Field Communication is a small magnetic microchip, which activates as it gets closer to the NFC receiver. Each microchip has its own unique number, which can be assigned to each employee.

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With NFC, each waiter has a card with an NFC chip. A restaurant’s entryway and tables have NFC receivers installed inside of them. When a waiter comes close to the NFC receiver, the chip activates and sends the information to the main system.

The system then processes the information and calculates an evaluation of each waiter’s work throughout the entire day. Even higher automatization can be achieved by connecting this system with one already working in a restaurant.  No more long smoke breaks!

#2 Create a Complete and Comprehensive Analysis of an Employee’s Work Day, with NFC Microchips

    • Automatically count shifts and working hours. ​Required for payroll.
    • Tracks movement. ​How much time does a waiter spend in each room, at each table, and what do they do there?
    • Keep track of call reaction time. ​How fast does a waiter react on a call and come to the table?
    • Statistics of table maintenance. ​The frequency of a table’s request for a waiter, and the time of service.

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#3 Easier Employee Management, Available 24/7

With the help of this restaurant management ​software, ​you’ll always know how long it takes for a waiter to respond to a customer, take orders, deliver orders, and how long they’re on their shifts and breaks. This valuable information will help balance out the number of waiters per shift and per room. It helps waiters to have an equal workload, spend less idle time, and perform to the best of their abilities.

If you are interested in innovations in the restaurant business, or you want to improve your management system - contact us, we know how to help you.

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