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MODx - Why Do We Choose MODx Evo and MODx Revo for the Development of Complex Corporate Websites

MODx - open source content management system. We use it to develop large and complex corporate websites.

Although this system is often put on a par with other popular CMS - Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal - it is not entirely correct. Development for MODx is fundamentally different from developing for Wordpress and Joomla. Their ideology and architecture differs. MODx - CMF - content management framework, and in this it is similar to Drupal,  while Wordpress and Joomla - CMS - content management system.

What is the Difference and Why We Choose  MODx to Develop Complex Websites for Clients Both in Ukraine and Abroad?

MODx development has no sserious restrictions on the scale. Essentially site created for MODx can be developed and grown from simple landing page in complex web site  and from it in multi-sites. MODx allows you to build upon your ins and absolutely seamlessly integrate them with existing solutions. MODx can integrate with CRM, ERP, any engine business processes, newsletters, online stores, its own specific systems without difficulty.

With all that MODx, MODx Evo  imposes no restrictions on coding style and use of the API MODx. You can move in MODx any library you need. MODx Revo in this respect more rigorous and requires more knowledge (xPDO, ExtJS, etc.). But this development on MODx Revo much more flexible.

Layout as in MODx Revolution, and under MODx Evolution is virtually identical and makes no discomfort and not needs special way to compose template. 

How Evergreen recommends using MODx to develop a different type of websites:

  • Landing pages development in MODx Evo (MODx Evolution) system from Evergreen Compounder
  • Small / medium corporate sites - MODx Evolution   with optimized version YAMS, MultiTV
  • Multi-site development, the development of large corporate sites - MODx Revolution of the build system based on MIGx

Developing sites for MODx is important to understand a limitations of this system:  

  • MODx is not suitable for the development of online shops. There are a couple of ecommerce modules for MODx but they are not technically perfect
  • MODx pretty demanding about the same as Wordpress
  • MODx Revolution is more demanding than MODx Evolution
  • Technical support for MODx developer must exercise taught because in low-level technical support for MODx developer turns to hell

If you are interested in the benefits of MODx and you understand its limitations, please contact us at  and we'll tell you everything you want to know.


The images used in this article are taken from open sources and are used as illustrations.
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