The Local Stage of the International Competition Intel ISEF in Ukraine 8 The Local Stage of the International Competition Intel ISEF in Ukraine 9 The Local Stage of the International Competition Intel ISEF in Ukraine 10

Evergreen and Kyiv IT Cluster Supported Polyteco Student Project Contest


We visited the Polyteco Ukraine 2018 competition, and we want to share our impressions and cool ideas, as well as the names of the winners, and representatives of Ukraine at the international competition of scientific-technical creativity of schoolchildren.

Polyteco Ukraine is the national stage of the Intel ISEF international competition, which will be held in May 2019 in Phoenix (Arizona, USA).

The most exciting projects were in robotics, neural networks, energy, and ecology. During the contest, participants presented a large number of smart things, such as the smart cup, pot, aquarium.

Polyteco 2018

There was a cool fire prevention system in the room before they appeared: a constantly learning neural network that analyzes the behavior of people in the room. When everyone leaves, the control mode is turned on - the system monitors sudden changes in temperature, calculates dangerous values, and lets you know apartments about it.

There have been solutions to global problems of the sea: various upgrades of solar cells; wing with weather vane, as an alternative way to get energy from the wind; a propeller that will help clear debris from the sea and rivers; different interpretations of waste processing and fertilizer production; and even a metal detector robot that can detect mines and other projectiles in a large area.

Polyteco 2018

It is nice that schoolchildren are trying to solve not only global problems, or things you can easily monetized into business, but they also think about people with physical disabilities. For example, a project for people with limited movement is a constantly learning robot, which with the help of voice commands can perform simple home functions and bring objects.

Polyteco 2018

But most of all I admired the biomechanical prosthetic arm (manipulator), driven by impulses. With the help of an individually made sleeve, the prosthesis is fixed on the shoulder. Installed sensors recognize the pulses and the hand is activated by the “force of thought” of its carrier.

Polyteco 2018

Every second participant was worth the award, and many nominations were announced. At the international stage of the competition should go seven super finalists, but the winners in categories, who took first place, only five:

  • “Life live cardio” is a software-diagnostic diagnostic and therapeutic complex for the prevention and treatment of cardiac arrhythmias. Olga Kriva (engineering);

  • "Biochemical manipulator”. Eugene Blacktooth (engineering);

  • “Modifying waste polyethylene terephthalate diethylene glycol for encapsulation of mineral fertilizers”. Dmitry Solomyuk (Chemistry);

  • “Self-made diffuse chamber for research of tracks of charged particles in the laboratory workshop of a school course in physics”. Marina Bunda (physics and astronomy);

  • “Algorithms for solving systems of linear equations and quaternion analysis”. Diana Onishchenko (mathematics).

The fight for a place in the team that will represent Ukraine at the ISEF competition in the USA continues. The decision will be made by an expert jury in February, after the submission of revised and improved projects.

We, in turn, together with other participants of ITCluster Kyiv, noted with prizes five more worthy projects: the Smart Aquarium, the Metal Detector Robot, the Counter Emergency Stabilization of Electric Car Movement, the Smart Drinker for Animals, and the Robot Diagnostic.

Review of the coolest projects prepared by Elizaveta Kudelya, Evergreen journalist

Elizaveta Kudelya

The images used in this article are taken from open sources and are used as illustrations.
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