A Voice Chatbot, with Google Speech API and Dialog flow, In Action

We’ve created a simple voice chatbot, with Python. If you’ve ever been curious as to how they work, you can watch our new masterclass, on GitHub, where you’ll hear, what’s called a cycle of Listen Loop:

  1. The user's voice - listening.
  2. Translation of new information - into text using the Google Cloud STT API - Text to speech API google.
  3. Transmitting to Dialog flow, which understands what to answer. As a result, it returns a text response and reads it aloud using the Google Cloud TTS API.

This is the skeleton of a basic chatbot, built with Dialog Flow. We tested the Chatbot on Windows 10 x64 and Raspberry Pi 3, in different languages.


The advantage of this technology is that you can control the dialogue logic in Dialog flow, without having to re-install the bot on other devices. Having a high quality internet connection is important, as it will affect the performance.

Click Here to Watch a Quick Demo of the Voice Chatbot:

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The images used in this article are taken from open sources and are used as illustrations.