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How to Harvest 2.5 Times More Crops From the Field per Season With Less Effort. Artificial Intelligence Development Will Help

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You want to know precisely what harvest you will gather when planting a field, and to increase the yields of past years. You want to plan the warehousing and logistics, negotiate sales and calculate profit in advance as well as get the maximum result with minimal investment. All of that is now possible with the help of artificial intelligence systems used in agriculture.

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The artificial intelligence system collects information from images of plants during the period of flowering/growing, and data on weather, pests, timely watering, plant diseases and the use of fertilizers.

All this data is being sent to your smartphone, which allows you to fully control the processes taking place in the fields. Instead of playing guessing games with nature, you can assess risks with mathematical precision and eliminate them to get a good yield and double the profit.

Artificial Intelligence - Ready-Made Pest Management Solutions

Farmers are aware that aphids, slugs, mites, mole crickets, whiteflies, Colorado potato beetles and other pests can destroy the majority of the crop. However, the use of insecticides before the pests even emerge can be equally harmful to crops. With the help of modern IT-technologies, it is possible to mitigate these agricultural risks by finding, tracking and predicting the migration of pests through satellites/drones.

examples of artificial intelligence

How it works:

The system uses weather data, insects’ movement directions and statistical information collected over 5 years or more and helps locate the site of the attack on your crops, and also select the most effective insecticides for each specific type of pests. Besides, the system will suggest the necessary dosage, area and best time to spray these for more effective pest management.

In the summer of 2018, Texan farmer Lucas Brody learned about the aphids’ approach to his state. He checked the wind direction and decided that insects would attack the southwestern edge of his farm. However, the AI system he was using for yield monitoring in the fields reported that the aphids had landed on the other side of his field. In his observations, the farmer relied on personal experience and the wind direction, while the artificial intelligence system combined data on aphid invasions over the past 5 years and satellite images, which allowed for more accurate calculations.

Plant Disease Detection System

It is known that excessive care and nutrition can destroy any planting material but the lack of fertilizers can cause crop failure, too. Modern IT-technologies help in finding the perfect balance.

How it works:

The system detects a disease or nutrient deficiency in plants by having access to satellite images, then signals to your smartphone and helps to select fertilizers/ chemicals to eliminate the problem, considering the actual condition of plants and the size of the affected area.

Where to download the applications for boosting crop production:, - detection of plant diseases, pest infestation, lack of nutrients; - identification of problem areas for precision herbicide application; – information collection on the condition of vineyards.

Autonomous Farm Vehicles (Driverless Tractors)

If you have ever been frustrated by losing your time or money because of an irresponsible tractor driver who could not come to work after binging, you most likely dreamed of being able to dispense with their services. Now it is possible. Not only farm vehicles and equipment alone are important in agribusiness but also the ability to use them properly.

Thanks to the IT-technology of self-driving vehicles, you will be able to personally control all the machinery operating in your fields (including automated watering systems), from anywhere in the world and by simply having your smartphone in hand.

Where to find: an application that helps to collect and pack strawberries.

How Artificial Intelligence Helps to Cut Down Expenses

With our artificial intelligence systems, you are guaranteed to save on:

  • insecticides, herbicides, fertilizers by applying them only locally, for the purpose specified. Besides, you will not only reduce the expenses on chemicals but also decrease the chances that harmful plants will develop resistance to herbicides;

  • time, fuel and labor (thanks to autonomous vehicle control systems in farming, you can independently build the optimal route for the tractors’ movement in the field).

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Now it is your time to decide whether it is reasonable to economize on the technology itself. And contact us afterward: we will help you understand which systems your business needs and suggest you the best modern solutions so that crops yield more profit at a lower cost.

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