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Introducing Face ID — a System for Biometric Authentication of Your Employees

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For companies with large workforces, one of the key business requirements is a fast and reliable mechanism for controlling access to information and internal perimeters. Online face recognition complements multi-factor authentication procedures as a secure password safeguard, confirming a user's identity before accessing the system.

We have created Face ID as a reliable and highly accurate biometric identity verification service based on facial recognition technology. With online liveness detection, you can always be sure that there is a genuine person in front of the camera and not a fraudster using stolen credentials.

Additional biometric authorisation negates the major risks associated with passwords:

- Password vulnerability.  Generally, people don't come up with complex passwords or use one password to access all applications. By hacking into a password, fraudsters gain access to everything;

- Negligent handling of passwords: writing them down on sticky notes, handing the credentials over to colleagues asking for a favour (to send a report, check mail, to log them in if they are running late) — making it easier for an intruder to get the password;

- The risk of passwords being used by dismissed employees if they have not been locked out: access to sensitive data, risk of deliberate damage or communication of information to competitors;

- Forgotten passwords - additional workload for the IT department related to blocking accounts, resetting passwords and creating new ones.

Biometric authorisation use cases:

  • Employee onboarding (biometric sign in). Increase the security of your corporate systems, prevent passwords from being shared with third parties;

  • Home Office workers authentication. It is mandatory for remote access to internal company information, and liveness detection ensures that an authorised employee will be logged into the system;

  • Biometric access control systems. Face recognition adds an extra layer of security to the identification procedure. It will help limit the risk of anyone entering the premises using someone else's badge or forged ID or several people entering with the same card. Employees also benefit from this: they do not have to carry a "key" around all the time;

  • Biometric access to restricted areas. Only employees who are on a special list and are entitled to access will be allowed through the facial recognition terminal;

  • Visitor management. Blacklist unwanted visitors and security will not let them through. Whitelist VIPs and guests;

  • Biometric time and attendance monitoring systems can precisely record employee start and end times and synchronise this data with the accounting systems.

How biometric authentication works

Step 1. The user enters a unique login, and the system retrieves the biometric reference data linked to the password.

Step 2. The system prompts the user to switch into the video-selfie mode. An additional check is a smile.

Step 3. Data from the camera is matched to the profile in the database.

Step 4. If successfully verified, the user is granted access to the programme/system.

Should the result of a face verification be negative, actions may include: terminating the session, saving the offender's photo and notifying administrators of the attempted break-in, temporarily blocking the system, etc.

Biometric authorisation procedure 

Benefits of Face ID service for biometric authentication:

  • The product is ready for integration. You get a tested working solution;

  • Works on different devices irrespective of the camera (computer or smartphone webcam);

  • Liveness detection through video selfies (by smile) will provide a secure and positive experience for the user;

  • Protection against the theft of confidential data by peeking at or taking a picture of the screen when the employee is unaware of it;

  • Our service ensures that the data stored on behalf of an employee belongs to them, and they genuinely enter it.

Additionally, we'll implement age, emotion, gesture and document recognition in the photo. For more information about Face ID, click here.

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