Successful Chatbot Examples in the Fields of HR, Travel and Real Estate 8 Successful Chatbot Examples in the Fields of HR, Travel and Real Estate 9 Successful Chatbot Examples in the Fields of HR, Travel and Real Estate 10

Successful Chatbot Examples in the Fields of HR, Travel and Real Estate


In the first part of the article, we examined how useful are chatbots in the field of e-commerce and medicine. However, their possibilities are far from being exhausted, and now we will look at how a chatbot can increase employee efficiency and profits in other unexpected industries.

HR Chatbot Examples

Competent work of the HR department is one of the most critical factors for the company's success in a longshot. An HR specialist has a lot of other duties besides hiring employees that are invisible at first glance. Your HR monitors compliance with the Labor Code, audits employees' professional skills, resolves conflicts, works with internal company policies, provides trainings, etc.

Up to 40-50% of all the HR specialist working hours takes work with staff and answering internal and frequently asked questions from employees. The same time can be spent on the recruitment process, examining incoming resumes, creating company strategies, developing employees' talents, etc. The chatbot can easily automate these processes, fill out papers, answer employees' questions, introduce new employees to the rest of the company, and resolve issues as soon as they arise.Chatbots with Evergreen

Examples of Significant Bots in HR Field:

Bot-Assistant Moon

Moon is a personal assistant for each employee. It helps new employees to adapt in the team and at the workplace, monitors their development, and identifies their skill gaps through regular quizzes and pieces of training. Chatbot also provides information about sick leaves, vacations, and salaries, gives access to permitted reports and data 24/7. Besides, it measures the stress level of employees, their happiness index to avoid professional burnout, and much more. Try demo version here.

HR Chatbot

The chatbot that allows saving a lot of HR-specialist time. It answers to frequent questions of employees, gives hints, books HR appointment time when necessary, and much more. You can watch more about how it works in the video below.

Chatbots for Travelers

Nowadays, traveling is no longer something exotic, but the norm. Tour operators every day deal with travel requests from foreign tourists. However, here occurs the problem of time zone differences arises: clients often visit the website and write after office hours. Also, office hours cover only a third part of the 24-hour working day.

It means that 2/3 parts of the day the company loses its opportunity to make money. At the same time, chatbot allows you to generate leads around the clock. The bot does not have days off, bad days, it is always friendly and follows the communication protocol. While chatting with customers, chatbot collects information about the desired country of visit, number of travelers, hotel star rating requests, meals. Chatbot also gives customers information about discounts, country climate, seasonal offers, etc.

Examples of Significant Chatbots in the Traveling Industry:

Travel Agent Bot Expedia 

A whole travel agent in the form of a chatbot. It allows you to find and book tickets, hotels, rent a car, etc. Bot need only the necessary information about traveler’s plans for the trip to offer the most convenient options. If a user is satisfied with the offer, he clicks on the chosen option and is redirected to to complete the purchase. At the end of the booking, the user receives a link with his order in the messenger. To start communication with the bot, send a message to the Expedia addressee or go to a particular page.Expedia

KLM Chatbot for Air Tickets Sales

There is a sector-specific bot of the Netherlands Airlines. KLM chatbot helps users purchase tickets, check-in for the flight, find out the latest information on the dates and time of departure. It reports changes in the schedule and flight delays to the passengers. The bot was created in response to the widely-felt need of airlines to respond to more than 15,000 requests in different languages ​​weekly.KLM

BB or (BlueBot)

BB is a’s chatbot, launched for the convenience of users who are looking for where to stay on the trip. The chatbot helps users not only find and book accommodation but also, if necessary, directly communicate with hotels or apartment owners, inform them about arrival time and ask additional questions. To learn more about the bot, as well as to chat with it, follow the link.

Chatbots in Real Estate

The real estate market is growing worldwide. However, due to the high cost of a potential purchase, it takes time to close a deal. Customers ask a lot of questions and want to get answers. They want to know more about the house and the surrounding infrastructure: where is the nearest school, store, pharmacy, etc. And if the client does not get enough attention, he leaves.

Chatbots are made to give users the best service: they respond quickly, tirelessly, provide the client with answers to all his questions. The advantage of the bot is also that it is unobtrusive: the user can stop communication at any time or pause it.

Examples of Significant Bots in Real Estate:

Wepsbot, the Chatbot That Sells Apartments

Wepsbot is the chatbot that sold three apartments in 10 days. It works according to the three-step scheme: 

  1. it sends a welcome message to everyone who has clicked on an ad in the FB and offers to learn more about the offer;
  2. learns more about the needs of the client;
  3. suggests exactly what the client needs.


If the user shows real interest, the chatbot connects him with the real estate agent who completes the transaction. The chatbot also sends all the information collected when communicating to the company's CRM system so that the agent can work with it conveniently. To chat with the bot, click here.


Homeawk is a chatbot for Facebook messenger, that reports on exciting offers on the market, helps to find out how much your house is worth, how to sell housing with the best price. As soon as the client is ready to communicate with the realtor, the chatbot connects them. Just go to the company page – chatbot is already there.

Read more about chatbots for business in the third part of our review.

Have you found an example of a chatbot, which would be useful for your business? Or you are brooding over the ways of your business improvement? Feel free to contact us. We will help you understand which chatbot will bring you the most significant benefit and create it with pleasure.

The images used in this article are taken from open sources and are used as illustrations.
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