Analysis of Successful Chatbot Examples in the Banking Sector, Hotel Industry and B2B Field 8 Analysis of Successful Chatbot Examples in the Banking Sector, Hotel Industry and B2B Field 9 Analysis of Successful Chatbot Examples in the Banking Sector, Hotel Industry and B2B Field 10

Analysis of Successful Chatbot Examples in the Banking Sector, Hotel Industry and B2B Field


In the previous parts of our article, we discussed the use of chatbots in the following fields: e-commerce, medicine (Part 1), HR, travel, real estate (Part 2).

In this the final part, we will examine examples of successful chatbot use in the banking sector, the hotel industry, and even B2B field.

Chatbots in the banking sector

The industry use of chatbot is tightly bound to difficulties that it faces daily. In 2017, the total worldwide sales from e-commerce trading were $ 2.3 trillion. And in 2021, sales are expected to increase by more than two times – to $ 4.8 trillion.

Under such pressure, businesses face a vast number of calls, emails, and requests on social networks, which are physically challenging to handle, and an increase in staff incurs additional costs. So chatbots take their places to process each incoming request efficiently without hiring additional employees, save time, and shorten the cycle of each sale.

Examples of Significant Chatbots in the Banking Sector:

Wells Fargo – bank manager bot

Wells Fargo launched a chatbot that recognizes natural speech and helps users with their requests. Chatbot helps find out their account balances, tells where is the nearest ATM, how much money they spent on food last week and so on. More about chatbot you can find here.

Amy - bank consultant  

Amy is a chatbot platform launched by HSBC Bank in Hong Kong. Communicates with customers in English, traditional and simplified Chinese, and provides users with the requested information 24/7. You can chat with Amy on the bank page.Amy


Chatbots of the Hang Seng Bank uses machine learning to communicate with users in English, Chinese, and Cantonese. These chatbots are almost indistinguishable from a person and continuously increase their level of understanding and communication. And to all the previous features, they allow users to calculate the principal and interest payments.

Haro is waiting for customers on the bank site. And Dori works on a separate Facebook page.

Chatbots for the Hotel Industry

Along with the development of the tourism sector, the hotel sector evolves too. In 2017, the number of full-time workers in this area increased by 4.7%, according to the ADP Workforce Vitality Report (WVR). So why does the hotel sector need chatbots?

The chatbot here works as a “cloudy” digital concierge, which significantly simplifies the search for housing. He analyzes the data according to the client’s wishes, the availability of rooms in hotels, helps to rent a transfer and pay online. The chatbot provides information about restaurants, bars, lounges that are located near the hotel, and also recognizes voice and text commands. Since chatbot can be programmed to understand and speak in many languages, it responds to customers inquiries from around the world without language barriers.

Examples of Significant Chatbots in the Hotel Sector:

Bebot. The Online Concierge

The first chatbot developed especially for the hotel sector. Bebot is an online concierge with artificial intelligence. It answers the different questions of the hotel guests. For example, whether there is a SPA/gym in the hotel, where are the best places to eat around, and sights to visit, how to get there. Bebot also reserves a table in the selected restaurant. Explore how the demo version of the bot works on the site.Bebot

Zoe - bot for hotel booking

Zoe from Quicktext provides hotel guests important information they need, books rooms for them, reacts on their problems and wishes and helps to solve them. Zoe owners report that the return on investment was almost instantaneous  after bot launch. To take a closer look at the demo version of the bot, follow the link.

Chatbots in B2B Field

The capital turnover of the global B2B market is twice as much as in the B2C field ($ 560 billion vs. $ 250 billion). The average sale cycle in the B2B usually takes much more time than in the B2C industry, as well as the average price of a lost buyer is much higher. Besides, people love to buy but do not like the feeling when someone sells them something.Business optimization

With the help of chatbot, you can completely change the approach to sales and focus not on the selling, but on consulting and helping the client. As a result, the company achieves a customer’s maximum loyalty and makes a sale.

Examples of Significant Chatbots in the B2B Field:


Chatbot Winnie was developed to facilitate site owners in choosing the provider for hosting. It helps to narrow the choice, based on the needs of a particular site and its technical requirements, and also suggest which package will suit the site owner the most. As soon as the bot appeared in Facebook messenger, it showed the result in 72% CTR. Find Winnie here.Winni

Chatbot Translator Instant Translator

Popular Facebook and Viber bot can translate text into many world languages: English, German, French, Finnish, Japanese, Chinese, Arabic, etc., which is useful in negotiations with potential partners. At the moment, more than 600 thousand people use this bot. You can find a bot on his own Facebook page.Instant Translator


Chatbot from RewardStream is designed to turn site visitors into leads. At the proper time, the company faced the fact that a large number of site visitors and readers of their blog did not turn into leads. Therefore, they created a bot, that pushes visitors to purchase at the right time. Already in the first 45 days of use, the conversion rate was 30%. To learn more and get a demo version of the bot, follow the link.Leadbot


This chatbot is designed to work with millennials, who make decisions quickly and want instant results. Chatbot communicates with text and voice messages. Using AI, Trilyo analyzes user requests and provides highly personalized recommendations to fit their needs accurately, which provides a 30% increase in conversion.TrilyoGot an idea of the chatbot, which can be useful to your business? Or, maybe, you want to create something unique, which ranks second to none? Feel free to contact us. We will happily create it. You can get acquainted with our approach to creating chatbots here.

The images used in this article are taken from open sources and are used as illustrations.
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