The First Chatbot That Sells Remotes in Telegram 8 The First Chatbot That Sells Remotes in Telegram 9 The First Chatbot That Sells Remotes in Telegram 10

Ukrainian Company VashPult Launches the First Chatbot That Sells Remotes in Telegram

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You probably know that Telegram is the place where you can buy whatever you want. From now on, lost and broken TV/Air conditioner controls are not the issue, you can buy them on Telegram too. We are eager to present the new chatbot, developed by Evergreen for our trusted partner If you are confused about a type of remote you need, directly upload the photo to the bot and technical support managers will find the right match for you.

Buy the Remotes Quickly with the Telegram Chat Bot Launched by VashPult

Wholesale and retail online store VashPult has introduced the first chatbot selling the remote controls @pulti_bot. Using this chatbot, you can buy any remote in a couple of minutes, directly on Telegram.  

Evergreen developed the chatbot on the Corezoid platform with the help of Kwizbot. The bot helps you select the right control by the appliances/remotes model or image. Moreover, the bot places the order and receives the payment.


With Telegram chatbot users will become even more mobile. You don’t need to perform many complicated operations. The chatbot significantly reduces search and purchase time.

The quickest scenario - enter the appliance model and get the exact remote control. Moreover, you can attach an image of the device and send it to the chatbot. The order process will take you several minutes. The chatbot is available 24/7. Save the chatbot in your contact list, and it will always be at hand when you need to look for the remote controls.

The Most Frequent Reasons for the Controls’ Failures and the Surpassingly Unusual Cases with Remotes

VashPult collected statistics of the most common controls’ failures. It turned out that in most cases we step on the remote controls or production parts wear out.


Animals and children are leaders in damaging the remotes, better to say - eating.


How often do you lose the remote? Write in the comments what has happened with your controls, and do you want them never to get lost?

About Project Participants

VashPult is a large online store specializing in remote controls, the number one wholesale supplier of remote controls in Ukraine. The company has established itself as a reliable partner, open to innovation. VashPult does care about its customers.

Our company is the development team who built the chatbot. We specialize in IT projects, Saas services and innovative platforms using AI, machine learning, and IoT. Our solutions always work for business and bring visible results to customers.

Now VashPult and our team are working on the remote control recognition system. Soon we will write about the process and the first results of the launch of the bot. Follow our news.

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