Acatana - prototyping and design for the large-scale PC accessories and hardware online store (Australian market)

The project is unique not only for its design, but also for its overall scale of the development efforts required:

- Commodity base starting from 80 000 SKU,
- Fully adaptive,
- Site speed - must be less than 3 seconds, even for pages with general categories consisting thousands of products.

We covered a part of the project, which was a design, helping our technical partner that was responsible for development of the entire system. In our design we have collected a complete set of layouts for a large online store, with main custom features being the following:

1) Product branding pages,
2) Filling out product descriptions fields with texts and photos in semi-automatic mode (design and layout should adjust to any new content entered on the page)
3) extended product page - there are many useful options which every large shopping and marketplace must have (ratings, reviews, and upsales of alternative proposals).
4) personal account of the buyer.