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How Neural Networks and Optical Pattern Recognition Will Serve More Customers Without Expanding Staff

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Every day, during lunch breaks, thousands of office workers rush to fast food restaurants. And each owner probably wondered: “How to serve more customers?”. Increase the staff of cashiers - the idea is good for the time being, and then what to do? How to build a work schedule without downtime? Provide all working conditions and pay taxes for each? It would be nice to find a way to fast service without expanding the state.Order AI solutions

Optimization of the queuing system is possible with the help of the program of optical pattern recognition, neural networks and artificial intelligence. Such a system will increase the throughput of the cash register at times, giving each client only a few seconds of time.


Let's Imagine:

  1. The client collects dishes on a tray
  2. Put the tray on the cashier
  3. Two seconds later, gets on the screen account
  4. It brings to the terminal a bank card, a telephone with NFC, or a personal access card (for large corporations canteens)
  5. Two seconds later the bill paid
  6. A satisfied customer leaves the table, making room for the next hungry visitor.

Here's how it works: the technology of automatic pattern recognition recognizes the dishes chosen by the visitor, automatically enters the system name and portion size, and prepares a check. And the cashless payment technology installed in the CRM system removes money for selected goods.

Want this technology for your institution? Contact us, we will not allow your customers to wait for a long time hungry.

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