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Building Chatbots for Business: Kwizbot vs. Code


We continue to explore different chatbot development options, their many advantages and case-specific drawbacks. And, of course, our review would not have been complete without mentioning coding: it has always remained relevant in terms of flexibility and customisation. Let’s take a look at the differences between this method of building chatbots and Kwizbot.

As the name suggests, coding means writing a chatbot in one of the many programming languages (Python, PHP, Java, NodeJS, Ruby, C#, etc.). You also need to either set up a framework/module for the messaging platform your chatbot bases on, or write your custom scripts, and take care of web hosting, safety protocols, and more.

The main advantage of code is that it allows you to create any possible custom solution that lies within the capabilities of a developer and the chosen platform. And, once the chatbot is written, all files and accesses will be at your disposal. At the same time, there are some considerable limitations:

  1. Knowledge. Without the necessary programming skills, you won’t be able to do anything — L for logic! And this results in the second drawback.
  2. You have to look for a good programmer who can bring your idea to life under adequate conditions.
  3. Time. Writing a bot from scratch is time-consuming — it takes weeks or even months. And although the bot may be simple and the developer highly experienced, they can hardly do it in one day.
  4. Scalability — the possibility to add new channels, e.g., switching from Facebook Messenger to Viber, and functionality to gain new users.
  5. Security. When it comes to integrations with corporate and payment systems and processing of personal information, you must guarantee safe data transfer. 

On the other hand, by using the capabilities of our no-code chatbot development platform, Kwizbot, you will be able to create and deploy simple chatbots in just a few hours instead of waiting for weeks to see the first results. Although writing a script in a visual interface requires logical thinking and some tech skills, it is not much more complicated than mind mapping in XMind, for example.

Key Points We Recommend Considering When Creating a Chatbot

Support for Multiple Languages

When it comes to hand-coding from scratch, multi-language functionality can be achieved through additional modules or frameworks, or through bot cloning: 1 bot = 1 language. In Kwizbot, you can select the language for your chatbot localisation while setting it up and connecting to the platform. All texts can be translated directly in the editor, and you can switch between the languages in a drop-down menu. As simple as that.

Omnichannel Capabilities

Kwizbot is compatible with most popular messaging platforms, including Telegram, Viber, and Facebook Messenger. It enables you to build cross-platform chatbots to communicate with your audience, grow your online presence in all available channels, and track down your customers’ reactions. Your clients can contact you directly in their favourite messenger and receive an immediate answer, which is extremely useful for scaling up your business without the need of spending extra money on Evergreen

System Load and Bot Management

The ‘underside’ of chatbot functionality relies on a good and responsive back-end. In case of manual coding, you need to pay attention to the load capacity and availability of your server, code quality, the possibility of expanding and supporting it, data security, and means for monitoring and processing errors.

In Kwizbot, a large part of these things falls on the platform. Compatibility, safety, bot reliability — this is what the system guarantees. You can administer several chatbots within your company, and set up permissions and access to different bots for different users.

Quick Deployment and Testing

Kwizbot is an effective solution for non-programmers, where you can create and deploy chatbot MVPs or simple bots very quickly. It is financially more advantageous than involving a programmer. You can then change your hypotheses, test your MVP on the target audience and order further code upgrade for the functionality that is missing. In the time that you either wait for your developer’s progress or figure out the code yourself, you can create and run dozens of bots using a platform. Also, our Team specializes in non-trivial solutions, and we are ready to provide you with all the necessary support.

Editing Capabilities

It will be burdensome and most often impossible to further develop and edit a code created by someone else, even a simple one. Kwizbot has a user-friendly visual interface that allows you to apply dynamic changes and update your bot scenarios very quickly, translate and add texts on your own, without the help of code developers. You don't have to deal with text logs and worry about what's going on inside your chatbot. You don’t need to know how to code either. kwizbot-interface

If you are still planning to assign someone (a developer or agency) to build a chatbot for your business, here are a few more things to consider:

  • Without the knowledge of programming, you cannot apply any changes and, as a client, you will only see the final result. You have no control over the development process.
  • It will take extra time to understand and modify the bot when you hire another developer; sometimes, it might be much cheaper to rewrite it again from scratch.
  • It is possible to realise all your wants, but this will directly affect the price.
  • You must think through your idea to the smallest detail. The contractor's job is to provide you with competent advice and select the proper functionality.

Above, we showed you how the Kwizbot interface looks like. And here is the rough chatbot code example written in Python:chatbot-code

Which picture do you find more understandable?

Additional Features You Will Find in Kwizbot


It is crucial how your chatbots will interact with other add-ons, and how Kwizbot, as a platform, will blend in with your existing corporate systems. Our software connects with any external and internal platforms via API. Also, we act as a product implementation team, so we guarantee full compatibility of all components.


There is no single interface to obtain and visualise statistics in a chatbot written in code. You can try installing a ready-made framework, using an external service or writing your custom script. Kwizbot is compatible with any CRM to transfer your client information. You can also manage your databases, display data in the form of tables and charts. A full-fledged statistics module will soon be available. We recommend that you keep an eye on our updates.


The safety of our users' data has always been at the top of our priorities. We have taken several measures to keep your personal information secure — we use only a secure HTTPS-protocol to transfer data and a cloud-based AWS database to minimize the risks of hacking and data loss. Security is a number one requirement, especially when it comes to integration with corporate ERP, CRM and real-time order processing systems.


The cost of a custom chatbot development depends on many drivers: the channel, in which a chatbot should function, the complexity of the conversation, back-end integrations, supported languages and any additional functionality. So, the price may vary from a few hundred to a few tens of thousands of dollars.

Kwizbot comes as a SaaS with an agile pricing model: its basic plan starts at a $30 monthly subscription fee. For an on-premise deployment and if your company's needs exceed the standard functionality, our Team will provide you with the most suitable personalised solution.

In a nutshell, designing chatbots using the Kwizbot platform can significantly speed up and simplify the bot creation process. And, a bonus from Evergreen: we have been developing chatbots based on our in-house solutions for many years now, and we can implement any of your ideas. If you are interested in our product or would like to ask any questions on chatbot development, please do not hesitate to contact us as soon as possible.

The images used in this article are taken from open sources and are used as illustrations.
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