Chatbot Development for Skype

Chatbot Development for Skype

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Microsoft created a platform for bots - Skype Bot.

Skype already has some official bots-assistants, and the platform provides promising opportunities to create bots.

Text chat-bot in Skype has all the main functional elements:

Buttons - offering the user to select a query or command from the list of prepared items;

Elements - messages with full-fledged cards of goods (photo, price, name);

Payment forms - invoices with the ability to pay through the payment system.

You can note the interesting function of the "menu". It is a short list of bot functions, which pops up at the greeting. It is a really convenient function, since it is immediately obvious that this is a bot, and it is clear what it can do.

Microsoft plans to create talking bots with real AI that can communicate through audio and video calls.

Skype chat bots can:

- Collect keywords from the text, and build on them assumptions about the requests;

- when constructing assumptions, they rely on context and experience;

- independently generate full-fledged conversational answers, from a semi-structured set of templates for answers. This system is one step closer to human language, as it is able to learn and build assumptions using experience;

- integrate with Google Analytics and pull up the necessary data on demand.

As for the possibility of the bot to initiate messages to users - in Skype, you can not send messages to users who are not added to the contact list. Therefore, some sort of mailing or surveys the bot can send only to users who added it to their contact list.

The Skype platform constantly updates its functionality, and fixes the flaws, because Microsoft has "big plans" for it.

How to develop a bot for Skype?

Developing a bot on the cloud-based framework Corezoid

— Bot with integration into internal systems, speech recognition, with the ability to migrate to all platforms

Kwizbot chatbot builder

— SaaS of Evergreen for creating cross-platform bots with open API

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